1. Of course most folks wouldn't be aware of that fact. After all, the mighty Jewrannosaurus Rex prefers to keep himself hidden in the shadows.

  2. They could have.. it would explain why there are so little if them now. The war would have greatly reduced their numbers.

  3. The only thing accurate in this post is that France is represented by its national animal.

  4. in their mind it was a false flag just like everything else that seems contradictory to their perception of history

  5. In thier minds they were more involved than the uk. Even though they showed up 5 years late... like seriously wrf is that top image yall remember ww2 right where america fought the axis and the rest of us just stayed home

  6. No don’t you know there’s no proof the Holocaust ever happened. Not mountains of paperwork, not photographic evidence, not eye witness accounts and survivors. None of that! It’s all a Jewish media conspiracy to make Jewish people look like the victim when it actually they’re the real Nazis!

  7. Neo Nazis: Loudly denying the Holocaust ever happened while simultaneously praying another one does happen.

  8. It's hard to tell what goes through a brilliant mind like the author's here, but I think the Israeli flag is a stand-in for jews in general

  9. I think they're trying to claim it's all made up by the puppeteering Israelis after the fact, that the Nazis were innocent, and the Italians were one of the biggest players.

  10. In their minds somehow the USA was clntrolling Japan? Which itself was controlled by the jews?

  11. This is based on an old meme. The original had the same top panel but the bottom looks different than the original because it didn’t include the “Jews being behind everything” part.

  12. To be fair, the movie took the heavy subject matter very seriously where it counted, and becomes a straight up war film at the 2/3 mark.

  13. Ironically there's a quote from Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, who headed up the SS's anti-partisan campaign during the Second World War, which counters all the Nazi's anti-Semitic claims.

  14. And the complete opposite but equally moronic are the Tankies who think the Soviets completely won WWII by themselves.

  15. i just keep looking at it like a never ending nascar wreck. its a genuine disasterpiece. in shock of how brain dead they must be

  16. Israel was created as reparation for the Holocaust. I mean, do they think thay all of Europe's Jews decided to cull a massive part of their own population in order to get the allied powers to maybe give them a piece of desert?

  17. I have never in my life seen a group of people live so rent free in someone's head then I have the Jews.

  18. I don’t think many people think either of these situations are even close to what it was like. The US didn’t even join the war until a third of the way through.

  19. I’m so sorry, but this only reminds me of the “time machine” scene from Idiocracy. “But then, an even greater force emerged; the UN. And the UN, UN-nazied the world, forever!”

  20. It actually would make a lot of sense if you replaced Israel with America due to America supplying every nation with the lend lease program.

  21. Imagine their surprise when they find out that Isreal didn’t exist until May 14th 1948. Three years after the Second World War finished.

  22. Not only did Israel not exist in WW2, but France played a huge part in the conflict and wasn’t just a “chicken” or “surrender force”. French soldiers fought bravely and allowed the British to evacuate at Dunkirk and continue the conflict against the Nazi’s. Without the French sacrifices, the war would have ended in 1940.

  23. The English in me went “huh” when seeing the tiny dino the Americans represented us with. Not like we didn’t stop an entire nazi invasion in the sky…

  24. Okay but if they knew anything about history they would know this is incorrect (obviously). In fact, American Jews wrote to the US government expressing their concerns about the camps at the beginning of the war, and the US still waited to get involved until it personally was attacked at Pearl Harbor.

  25. The French people fought more bravely than any other country and they did it under occupation by the Nazis. You know nothing about World War if you call the French cowards.

  26. Absolutely not. The French resistance worked in secret for the entire war and suffered horribly after their military gave up. You want to hate the French? Hate the Vichy government. And read a history book it might make you less dumb.

  27. From this, we can conclude that the Axis powers were obviously the good guys, since they're on the far right. We can also conclude that the French were the most evolved.

  28. Always with the French surrender jokes. Not as if the French made massive sacrifices in the war prior. Plus the US shows up either at the end of a war or halfway through. Easy to look sharp doing that.

  29. Don't even COMPARE Jojo Rabbit to this abomination of a meme. Jojo Rabbit is peak satirical comedy. This is antisemetic bs

  30. Are they just gonna act like American didn't receive an invitation to join from Japan after Pearl Harbor just act like they hadn't been committing war crimes like it was they favorite pastime.

  31. The French Military was just as well equipped as its allies and adversaries, but French military commanders were unnecessarily weary regarding advances in technology such as radio communication. Most French tanks of the time were equipped with radios, but the belief amongst French command was that German soldiers might interfere by sending false orders, so it was better to instruct tankers to just not use their radios. As you can probably guess, this went disastrously.

  32. Who thinks that it was like the first picture though? I mean people mostly know about those other Allied countries, don’t they? Like at least that they existed?

  33. Israel did not exist until 1948, though many did enlist in the British Army. Also, what's with all the dinosaurs, did they participate too?

  34. Other than this being funny cause it made me think about the "big head little arms" thing from Meet the Robinsons, was Jerusalem actually involved in WW2? Genuinely curious cause I didn't remember reading anything about it but there was spread-out fighting not just major theatres

  35. How? The picture depicts the Jews already in control of Israel, using communism to control America, England, France to all attack Germany Japan, an Italy.

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