1. Quality time with deep discussion and words of affirmation woven throughout, finished with playing with my hair and slow, gentle kissing. And maybe a piece of chocolate. But also a salty peanut to balance the sweet chocolate.

  2. I always feel like it's physical touch and quality time, but when I really think about it, it's definitely acts of service

  3. Hugs, kisses and words of affirmation... That feeling of connection with someone and receiving that same energy from them.

  4. I think this is my #1 pick too. Especially genuine words about emotions. There's just something special about deeply connecting after expressing inner feelings and understanding each other on a new level.

  5. It's funny you should post this. Me and my husband (INFJ) just took a couple love language quizzes yesterday. My #1 love language was Quality Time. And then there was this love language quiz on Truity, that had 7 types, and I got Intellectual Style.

  6. I thought it was physical touch for the longest time but I've started to realize how much I value quality time. All of the love languages are things I appreciate personally though!

  7. I think of it as what would make me feel least loved if my partner did not perform it. My answer is physical touch.

  8. Technically, as they're commonly categorized, mine is "acts of service". In reality that looks more like a very sapphic dinner date at home with a fancy meal I made sure you'd love.

  9. I’m not really sure yet but I think words of affirmation is a big one, I still remember compliments and encouragement given months ago.

  10. Worf once described Klingon mating to Wesley Crusher as involving the male reading love poetry while ducking heavy objects (likely including furniture if available) thrown by the female.

  11. Gift giving! I'm surprised it's so rare. I lovee showering people with presents especially ones that mean something to them and love to receive the same. This is closely followed by physical touch and quality time.

  12. Whenever I take the test, quality time and words of affirmation are nearly tied, but quality time always wins

  13. I didn't know mine for a long time but if find out about what people I love like or if they have a sickness like diabetes or can't eat gluten. I will try to bake or cook stuff that doesn't contain any harmful things or if they like something I will included it in those things or just buy tons of that stuff and gift it to them. Like my Brother has diabetes, everytime I see stuff without sugar (and now with not much Carbohydrates, he just recently told me that I have to be aware of that too) I buy it and gift it to him. Or my friend couldn't eat anything with gluten but we had a School trip soon, so I searched everywhere for food that doesn't contain it, searching how to bake bread that doesn't contain it, searched for noodles without it and a lot more stuff. I know that my Mother loves green and tulpis, so I painted her something containing it and bought her favorite chocolate. So basically my love language is (I don't know?) buying, making people stuff that they like in an Exaggerated amount. Not just once a week or every two weeks but like nearly everyday or everytime I see them. But I always to scared to give them that so I most of the time do it in secret or ask others to give it to them.

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