1. Psychology here, too, though I really like school in general. English and art classes, too. But I loved my one (or two?) high school psych class(es) and majored in psychology for my undergrad.

  2. Loved reading books and thinking about the main themes, character progression, etc. I actually got excited from analyzing literature which all of my friends thought was weird lol

  3. Same here, I eventually got a BA in English. My favorite course was "Fundamentals of English Grammar" which was way more interesting than it sounds.

  4. Classical literature and analysis through history was my jam. Took three years of it studying Greek and Roman classics (Percy Jackson kid gone wild), American literature, British literature, and a class just on Shakespeare.

  5. Also me except in rent years I’ve gotten lower grades ( still good but not like I used to) and I’ve gotten better grades in science which I was not as good at

  6. Same. I rocked AP English and got 5s on AP Lit and AP Comp. I also took college level writing courses while still in high school, and won a few poetry awards. I have always loved reading books + English lit and vastly prefer it now over watching TV, social media, and video games. I'm currently writing some stuff I intend to publish in the future, too.

  7. I had all that and was regarded as the chemistry guy in high school. Everyone came to me for help with chem.

  8. Same. I found maths hard but really enjoyed the mystery and beauty when I understood it. I'm now studying quantum physics and mechatronics engineering at uni, and it's not much easier than school but it's a whole lot more interesting.

  9. Im currently on an aerospace system engineering degree. I just couldn’t leave physics when the decision had to be made, I was very intrigued by it.

  10. English 1000%. Favorite subject in high school and I also got a bachelor's degree in English Literature. Literature is life. Still literature obsessed to this day. My favorite is the 19th century English novel, and the great 19th century tragedies, such as Tess of the D'urbervilles, Anna Karenina, and Madame Bovary. However, I love fantasy literature too. Especially Tolkien and G.R.R.M. I am completely and unabashedly A Song of Ice and Fire OBSESSED.

  11. I major in math! My preference for subjects is a bit weird tho; it goes math > social sciences and humanities (can't decide which one I prefer) > applications of math (e.g. physics and engineering) > biology. The math I like is very theoretical, which I very much enjoy :D

  12. I’m thinking about doing math as a minor/second major to music so I’m not homeless. What exactly are options for a job if you go with math? Thanks for any help!

  13. Science, specifically anatomy and physiology. Definitely helped that I had a really handsome teacher lol. I got weak in the knees when our principal told me he requested to have me in his class

  14. Biology and Organic Chemisty. Though history is getting more appealing, beyond school.

  15. Pre-university it was Math because the answers were straightforward, but in University it was writing classes because I could use my imagination. English (literature) I never enjoyed because I hated questions like "what was the author symbolizing in this passage?"

  16. From a young age it was math, which then translated into science, specifically anatomy & biology. This changed my junior year of high school when I had a really awesome English teacher (no clue what type he was but he was definitely “out there” for lack of a better phrase). History I enjoyed but couldn’t really engage with it.

  17. English (as a foreign language), History, Ancient Greek. Majoring in English Literature/Linguistics with a minor (sort of) in History

  18. English, mostly discussion though, and religion starting from grade 11, because I had a great teacher and the subject was very philosophical.

  19. I’m trying to get into a social science class and I’ll probably have around just enough score to get in so I’m nervous about it

  20. English. I'm not a native speaker but I started taking classes when I was like 10, so what we learned in school was pretty easy.

  21. Arts, History (of culture and arts) and English, even tho I hated english at first, because its not my mother tongue and I'm dislexic so it was extra hard for me, but now i really enjoy it.

  22. English 100%, in elementary school I was the best in class and in high school I was one of the best in it.

  23. I was generally pretty good at everything. I was best at math but most interested in social studies and English

  24. English also, but I was a rly lazy student, never studied and always procrastinated. In college my fav subject was sociology since I became a sociology major, and medical sociology especially since it combines my love of medicine w sociology. also anthropology is great, too.

  25. At highschool I hated everything except math and cs. In uni I am doing astrophysics <3 with an emphasis on math and cs.

  26. Psychology and art have always kinda been my subjects. I was always the art kid even back in kindergarten, I still am and I’m a junior. And in my psych class I’m always answering the most questions, acing the tests, and winning all the review games. I adore psych

  27. English no doubt. I always felt understood by the books we read in school and English teachers always seemed to notice something different in me. Perhaps a genuine interest in the magic of what comes with fantastic literature, whereas most students seemed to not take away any of the lessons.

  28. In high school, it was always social sciences. Psychology, Sociology, Human Geography, Economics, Philosophy... now im a Social Worker lol

  29. None. School was never my thing. If anything, the ones I liked most were art-related but sometimes I hated how they were taught.

  30. English. I scored the highest on an english test on my class, I got 9,5/10 because I didn't see a question. I tried it again even if I didn't need to and got 9,5/10 again because I got one wrong. The agony I felt, but hey at least I got the highest score. (English isn't one of our main languages here and my classmates aren't very interested, which is kind of why I got the highest.)

  31. French and English…I wanted to study Japanese and Korean, but they didn’t offer it. I also wanted to take Home Economics, but schools don’t offer that anymore in my area.

  32. I'm not an native English speaker and English have always been the subject I was good at.

  33. English, Dutch(am dutch), Geography and Biology. The first two I was just good at without doing anything at all, the latter two I was mostly good at because they were the subjects that had my interest. In hindsight I'm very sad about the fact I never took philosophy, back then I considered it a subject for softies, but I'm very philosophical and I looove to read philosophical books.

  34. On elementary, it was History and Choir On high school, it was History of art, Traditional graphic techniques (woodcut my beloved) and Czech/English language In college, it was English literature, Phonology, History of English speaking countries, History of art and Psychology

  35. at one point it was science, then computer science and physics, but then i fell in love with literature and language. too late though as i'm in an engineering course now F

  36. English, I'm kind of a bookworm and I love stories so much, so writing and reading became my strong suit. Everything else sucks though.

  37. I'd say Philosophy, even though I've always had the worst teachers for that subject. PE as well, as surprising as that must sound. I hated PE back in elementary and middle school, but in high school it became one of my favorites

  38. I loved English, but my teachers were rubbish and ironically non-native English speakers. I grew up studying abroad.

  39. It changed over time. Up until middle school, I HATED English. Loved reading, hated writing. Now I write for fun. It was my favorite subject in high school.

  40. History and English. If I took arts ( didn't and I hate PCM) it would be Sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy. Basically everything in arts subjects

  41. Any History class, and I was really good at psychology and sociology. Pretty good at English as well, but there were times it would stress me out.

  42. Art, all my teachers loved me because I liked it so much I went above and beyond every time, passion is a beautiful thing

  43. I love reading books. But I’m not really good at analyzing literature that isn’t an easy read or a quick read. How do u get better at the classic and tougher reads for school?

  44. Math... lol... even though I can't do arithmetic to save my life... I just happen to be dyslexic so my reading and writing were even worse 😅

  45. Probably history now that I think about it but I only really realized this at the end. I dont have any history classes anymore and im a senior.

  46. mine used to be math but i’m starting to take much more interest in both science and english

  47. If I attended class regularly, would've been Art and Music, hands down. Runners up would be English, Philosophy, Psychology, Genetics or Neuroscience... ugh. I wish they made school more suiting to the many people like me.

  48. Chem and English but leaning more towards chem because I have English as a second language rather than focusing on its literature side

  49. English, but it usually depends on the teacher and level of learning. Psychology and Sociology are my favorite this year. I would’ve automatically picked Art, but that’s too easy

  50. Math 5/5 > English (Literature is the best) 4.9/5 > Physics 4.8/5 > Biology 4.8/5 > History 4/5 > 2nd language (I loved creative writing) 3.5/5 > Baby IT 3/5 (5/5 teacher though, kindest soul)

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