1. Reminds me of Matt Gaetz I think it was and one of Trump’s taking head blondes on a political talk show, using their adopted black children for political and morally “RIGHT” non-racist, fully woke stance to make points. Such utter shite. This one is no different. I’m glad he’s got a loving home but do better. No kid’s trauma and life should be used this way and the fact that he’s an adopted black child as well just increases how OFF the optics are for her to do this. I can just imagine the pious comments glorifying this and hopefully some constructive ones as well. I can understand doing an ad but I would not have done this.

  2. I pretty much just ignore any video that has that bullshit cheesy royalty free music in the background. It's the goddamned national anthem of narcissistic influencers.

  3. I’ve followed them for a while and thought they were great but surely you’ve got to realise why sharing this is wrong and I never said she didn’t love her kids

  4. Even if she did get paid so what… it’s a heartwarming story and the bear was made with love and good intentions. We really gotta stop thinking that money is intrinsically evil just because some evil people have money.

  5. I feel she’s just spreading a nice story, I’m adopted and was fucked up at birth cause my biological mother did all the drugs while she was pregnant with me. I get that this could be a lil wrong but I feel she just wants to spread her sons story and how his overcoming huge obstacles and wants to help people.

  6. This is exactly what the wife of monterrey gobernor did, lol, its just so stupid that its funny to think woman that smart exists

  7. I have a similar story. When my grandmother passed away, my aunt took and posted a picture of her and my grandmas hands held together in her final moments. It wasn’t a candid, it wasn’t taken by someone else, it was a picture she wanted for what seems to me just to post on Instagram. I understand everyone grieves differently. But just the thought of her with her phone out, setting up the picture to take, instead of just being there, urks me a certain way. Idk maybe I’m being too hard, but to me it just seemed like those moments could have been just between them. You don’t need to post every feel good moment. Sometimes you should just LIVE IN that feel good moment.

  8. Damn about halfway through I was like wtf is wrong with this video, then I saw the rest… wtf is wrong with some people.

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