1. All lore is essentially written in the image. This is the first map i tried making in a natgeo style, im especially pleased with the diagram showing the seats in the parliament.

  2. This is what I had in mind for the southern border as well! Though I gotta it makes Georgia look a bit too bottom heavy

  3. Bit of a nitpick but— shoudn't the socialist block be the left-most faction in the parliament diagram, since socialists are usually more leftist than democrats/liberals? Unless there's something I'm missing with the lore here.

  4. Technically the battle of Sukhumi was fought in 1992. But I think you meant the campaign of the Red Army of Georgia which did indeed occur in 1922. Just wanted to clarify that! Awesome work btw

  5. this is an imaginary map in which Georgia attacked the Soviet Union and won a decisive battle there. I'm not saying it happened irl. Sorry for any confusion

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