1. Ah yes, I understand now. You see, the little flash part of the camera logo slowly morphs with the cam-gina and becomes the clit. Checkmate ladies, you can hide all your clitoral secrets forever, you have built-in flash

  2. Top 1 free ways to get bottom surgery for transfemmes that doctors don't want you to know... Instagram

  3. This is funny and considering the current situation of Instagram it's kinda accurate. People hunt for pussy on that app.

  4. A lot of Insta content is sexual in nature. That's not to say you can't have a perfectly normal timeline mainly consisting of family and friends. But the general idea is that Instagram is where models go to photoshop themselves to extreme levels, and this is bad for young women's body image.

  5. Basically instagram to be honest, went on the explore page while writing this and found a borderline nsfw top shot of a milf’s boobs within five seconds

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