1. People who make up stories like this desperately want to be the hero, but in real life are more than likely the type of person to flinch if you made even the slightest swing towards them.

  2. One time I was going on a walk around the pond in my neighborhood when I heard a boy, probably no older than 12 yell "lets go brandon" from across the pond

  3. “I’m ready to fight people to the death for my politics convictions. Literally anything you say I disagree with I will escalate to a life or death situation. “ that’s what I’m seeing

  4. Are you just blind to the part where someone started being Belligerent and attempted to start a fight, based on someone else having different political views, and expressing them?

  5. I live in an extremely liberal area, there are a handful of these weirdos with “let’s go Brandon” shirts, hats and stickers on their cars, it bothers no one. Even the big time Biden supporters. Because they’re not in a cult, and they don’t worship a politician.

  6. There’s a house in my neighborhood with a “Let’s Go Brandon” American flag planted in the front yard. It looks like it was crocheted. It is so fucking trashy. And I live in a nice neighborhood, albeit one with a weirdly large number of cops (have no idea if this particular house is owned by a LEO).

  7. I'd imagine that's because it doesn't even seem to bother President Biden. Likely because unlike Trump, President Biden is not a thin-skinned man-baby.

  8. Well, this does remind me of this one time that I was driving and I saw someone with a shirt that said: "Joe Biden's son used to abuse drugs but he doesn't now but that is 100% Joe Biden's fault that his son, as a grown man, did drugs and Trump has raised kids who are all really cool and great and have large hands, like their dad, and his children would never fall into substance abuse. Not ever. So vote for Trump!"

  9. I deeply admire your commitment to the bit. Personally, I don't have the patience to type something so long, but kudos to you my dude!

  10. It’s funny that the right thinks “Let’s Go Brandon” is so edgy, at best it’ll trigger an eyeroll.

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