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  2. They’ve really improved the rag doll physics in this latest version of the matrix we are in. I just wish they hadn’t nerfed the fruit of loom logo, bring back the cornucopia.

  3. It’s such a classic move to rush in with your face out. People get away with bullying so often they never think of it past being really aggressive and getting in someone’s face until that person backs down.

  4. I'll take 'people that haven't actually fought, but got away with picking fights until now'. You can recognise the people that have never caught fists with their face before. They're so cocky, until they get single-punched.

  5. Right? Green shirt's friend was running up aggressively like the guy was supposed to just take the hits from green shirt and he was mad that he didn't, it's so weird. Being drunk doesn't give someone the excuse to be a tool, hopefully green shirt learns to drink less if he wakes up again

  6. Are you sure you aren't biased by the framing of the post title? Green shirt guy is smiling as he "rushes" the other guy. He doesn't even have his hands out.

  7. Seems about right, won't deescalate the situation and get his friend to leave but will definitely "defend his honor" or whatever.

  8. I went ‘O’ mouth and stared at the stopped video for a solid 30 seconds after I saw the back of his head hit the rail. Deserved to get punched but the head hitting the rail made it that much worse.

  9. It may have saved him. If it wasn't there he's going straight back and hitting his head on bottom of stairs. The railing made him crumple and his back hit ground first and took most of the impact

  10. That was the luckiest hit to the head I've ever seen. He had his hand in his pocket, whipped it out at a rushing target, and lift off, to the railing you go.

  11. She is just someone who hasn’t been affected by something like this. Has maybe seen fights but never heard of someone dying (or seeing). A lot of people are like this and think a fistfight is just a sore jaw in the morning. If people realized how many people have died from one punch or how many guys are in jail for giving one they wouldn’t be so willing to fight in the streets.

  12. Ban St. Paddy’s is a good place to start. Too many amateur drunks all hopped up on green beer and house of pain.

  13. Judging by how hard the base of his skull hit that railing, there's a good possibility he won't be doing much of anything ever again

  14. Honestly I feel pretty bad for the drunk dude. No excuse for being a drunken douche but an injury like that can change your life.

  15. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes. Do not write checks with your mouth, your ass can’t cash.edit thank you fellow Redditors for the follow on sayings.

  16. If somebody runs at me like that, I’m not waiting for them to hit me. I would say this would hold up as self defense.

  17. How is it not???? I mean I'm the first to call out people being excessive with violence. But in this case. He literally threw only one punch. It was in response to someone erratically charging at him.

  18. We all just assume so cuz of the OP's thread title. Nobody is questioning how they know this, it's just the typical situation where people literally believe everything they read on the internet.

  19. I was just thinking the same thing. I saw someone get kicked in the face repeatedly by a group of people until they were knocked out and you couldn't recognize his face anymore. Guy didn't end up with any brain damage. Seen quite a few people get knocked out and wack their head on the concrete that were fine the next day. Etc. I also knew a kid that barely fell on a Skateboard that was on flatground, hit his head and immediately died. Can it go either way? Yes. Does getting knocked out automatically mean "he's gonna have brain damage for the rest of his life" definitely not.

  20. guy in green was clearly the aggressor and the dude that hit him didn’t use any weapons or continue to pursue after knocking him out. Self defense all day long

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