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  2. I did a little digging. I can't find out when the case was disposed of, but according to the Missouri Department of Corrections offender search, the main guy holding the gun got a sentence of 8 years. The problem is it lists his "assigned location" as a probation/parole office and he has an "assigned officer" which I would assume you wouldn't get until you're actually released. So I can't tell if he's getting 8 years in prison, or 8 years probation.

  3. This is America he’ll have a bright future and a baseball scholarship ahead of him which would be in jeopardy if he was found guilty, so a dodgy judge will be ski ‘boys will be boys lol’ and the sun will set again

  4. Imagine how fucking traumatic this would be. I can't even begin to understand how this must have affected the kid.

  5. A friend of mine has had a knife pulled on him and was pushed infront of a moving lorry, thankfully the driver was paying attention; I can't imagine how traumatising that would be

  6. unfortunate one of my very close friends knows first hand because he witnessed a murder when we were 15, he wanted to go to therapist but his family had no money for that

  7. I had a gun pulled on me when I was 14 and it was beyond terrifying. To this day I'm happy the meth in his system died down just long enough to tell him to aim for the foot rather than the head. Got a neat little scar now tho

  8. I got stabbed the first time at 13 and my best friend got walked up on (someone walked up and shot him in the back of the head) when we were waiting for the bus when I was in 3rd grade. I can promise you never forget those moments.

  9. I've fallen from a 3 story building, been held up by my throat by someone twice my size, had a coke addict pinning me to the ground lining up his knuckles for my face, had a knife pulled on me in a crowded bar, and had a gun pulled on me. The gun was the worst mind fuck by far. Its overwhelming.

  10. A cop pulled his gun on my friends and I when we were in high school and that was traumatic. I can't imagine something like this.

  11. What makes me sad is what kind of life this bully lives that would make him act this way. A 17 yo kid is still a kid. In a way i really hope he’s okay too.

  12. Yeah. “Bully” isn’t a strong enough description. Look at how big he is. Practically an adult. That’s beyond the age of playground bullying.

  13. If you ask any sensible gun owner, the only response to the question of "When is it okay to point a gun at anything, alive or not?" will be "When you intend to pull the trigger". Shows you who should really be legally allowed to own a firearm.

  14. They won't be so "nice" the second time. The judge is the reason we have bullies that bully other kids to death. Worthless benchwarmer.

  15. From the article they claimed that he'll be spending 30 years in prison for a Class-A felony and the kid who recorded it made the boy kiss his feet an other body parts hasnt been charged yet neither has the other boys involved

  16. Bullshit. Assault with a deadly weapon, illegal possession of a firearm, high level probation and time in a detention center is fucking needed here. No excuse for this bullshit.

  17. If i had a son who had a gun pointed at his head I'd be the one on trial for beating the shit out of a kid.

  18. The mother was upset because he didn't defend himself?? What the hell is a 13 year old boy who's severely outnumbered going to do to a group of 17 year olds who are twice his size and holding a gun on him?

  19. I've had a gun that I saw got unloaded and double checked for no bullets accidentally get pointed at me and that was terrifying, I can only imagine what this kid was feeling

  20. This is not bullying. This has far surpassed the line of bullying. This is some suburbia thug shit & that 17 year old who thinks he is so cool wont feel so cool when he is in the prison yard with a bunch of actual murderous thugs. I have no sympathy for him.

  21. Poor kid is going to be traumatized. Hopefully the bully gets locked up and gets the book throw on him. No excuse for that behavior.

  22. Attempted murder requires the person to actually attempt murder. This would be aggravated assault.

  23. Exactly. White kid in my school beat the living hell out of some kid he and his “friends” who were really just a gang at that point, didn’t like. Ended up making the kid blind in one eye somehow, and guess what punishment they got? None. Nada. Zip fucking zilch. I make a joke about a school shooting, which sure is off color but nothing harmful, imo, and I get two weeks in a detention center, high level probation, am labeled mentally unstable, and have to go therapy. Bullshit. Same school refused to punish a student who was sexually harassing me. Gotta love it!

  24. Man, this hurts so much to see. Imagine this is your son. I don't know what I would do to teach that bully a lesson, but man would I teach that bully a lesson as a dad.

  25. why is the headline about the moms outrage? That's not interesting or surprising at all. Why waste space with this?

  26. If legal gun owners can have felony charges brought about to them for exercising their 2a right then surely this should quality for the same punishment

  27. It wont, people think that shit is like a movie like you would really have the balls to kill another human. Most people can kill bugs without feeling bad.

  28. Kids lucky a concealed carrier or cop didn’t roll up. Having a gun to someone’s head like this would be a shoot on sight for the guy with gun.

  29. This kind of stuff really makes you feel bad. Like, what kind of shit did this kid go through to decide that putting a gun to someone’s head is ok?

  30. Worst thing is that it seems like the bullie's finger is on the trigger , combined with the fact that he's a civilian , there is a high chance of misfire that could have resulted in the bullied kid being killed.

  31. Whats being a civilian have to do with it? I know fellow service members who shouldnt even be allowed to carry a firearm because of how careless they are, yet they are still qualified to do so for the job.

  32. Oh yeah this happened my city, older kids got taken into custody and expelled I’m pretty sure. Nothin else happened tho sadly

  33. All right, that's it. This kid gets to watch me beat the dog shit out of his momfornot teaching him better AND traumatizing my kid. I'd fucking lose it.

  34. I'm sorry, but if anyone ever came at my kid with a gun (I don't even have kids) you'd be damn sure the bully's getting a visit from me...

  35. Friggin sociopath right here, guys! I hope he gets arrested! This video should be enough evidence. And I hope the mom's son is okay.

  36. If that was one of my neices or nephews, you'd bet your ass id be knocking on there door 12 gauge in hand. Don't fuck with my family.

  37. Scumbags like these dont deserve to be roaming the streets, "kiss his feet" hope they get to kiss some ass in the years i hope they get in prison

  38. I was bullied for seven years straight, from the end of «thing before elementery school» to the end of elementery school, i am happy they didnt have guns now.

  39. Didn’t this happen like over 5 years ago? I could’ve sworn I heard something very similar to this when I was in high school.

  40. I think if you do something like this at 17 you should have 2 choices be tried as an adult or join the military. I believe at 17 many people are still a child and have not matured or been given the opportunity, tools, and knowledge to mature. I would guess many of us made decisions at 16-17 that now as adults wish we could take back and does not reflect the person you are today.

  41. Can we stop to call it bullies and call them criminals? Because the word bullying sound like "Kids who played too hard" but what are we trying to describe is people lives destroyed for ever, violence and abuse.

  42. The kid was not doing anything illegal on the gun owner's property and the bullied child did not have a form of lethal force and due to those two things the gun owner is guilty of unlawful use of a deadly weapon. Especially since he had his finger on the trigger. There is almost no chance that anyone can get the gun owner off of that charge due to this picture and even if there is a lawyer that could pull it off the parents most likely couldn't afford it due yo the fact that they can't even properly raise a child. I would say that there is a 100% chance of him getging charged with the unlawful use of a weapon and possibly even more.

  43. Guy holding the gun is lucky he didn't do that to my kid. He would have been a picture on the side of a milk carton.

  44. The first time you have a gun pulled on you and pointed at you point blank is a moment you’ll never forget in your life. I still remember the sounds and smells from that night.

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