1. LOL I made the exact same move but to the 14pm instead. Couldn’t be happier!!! That battery anxiety on the S22u is definitely not worth that $1200 at all!!

  2. My wife and I had a baby recently and I was always worried it would die and I’d miss a call from daycare or my wife.

  3. I made the same switch. The battery life was no where near what I expected, and I was coming from a note 9. Felt like my note had longer battery life. I can travel an entire weekend with my 13pm and not have to worry about charging it

  4. Coming from a Note S20 Ultra 5g, I’d say that it’s normal for a Samsung flagship no matter the generation.

  5. i also switched from s22 ultra to the 13 pm and will never go back to android/samsung again. this phone is such a beast and im so satisfied

  6. Same here. My battery life is insane on my 13PM. Never had a phone like this before. It easily lasts me 2 full days even with heavy use.

  7. I’m Returning g my 14 pro max and keeping my 13 pro max. I can’t even make it thru the day without charging now

  8. Android is a shitty OS. Apps look horrible compared to iOS versions. Full of bloatware and bugs too. Everything just seems smoother on a iphone. Plus if were talking battery life, speed, build quality, videocamera, resale value the iphone destroyes the 22 ultra. I used a 22 ultra for a month. I never felt bad for spending money on a pro max. But on the 22 ultra I did. Just paying so much money for a android feels wasted. On the iphone you just feel the quality hardware and software wise. Now I have tge 14 pro max and im happy again.

  9. It is not lol Ive had it for 2 weeks and returned immediately. Iphone is better and more reliable overall. Dont let those samsung seeders fool you.

  10. I have the s22 ultra as well the battery is not that bad. It is like an hour less SOT than my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Something had to be wrong with your phone or you just lying lol

  11. No it isn’t but we also gotta remember Samsung has AOD and brighter screen. I have both and honestly the battery is not horrible. I love my iPhone but multitasking and media consumption on the s22 ultra is a soo much better experience

  12. Is this normal? I usually get about 1 hour screen on time for every 10%. Mixed usage. I thought that was pretty good but this is making me wonder.

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