1. Ikea they wil give you the new part(s) for free. I broke a kitchen island side during assembly, tried to flip it as per the instructions no dice. I called they told me to take the broken pieces to customer service and they would exchange it. Free of charge as long as you have the receipt

  2. Ikea also allows you to order replacement hardware for free on their website. I recently got an Ikea bed second-hand, and it was missing a few cam lock screws. Ordered them on the website and they arrived a few days later. 10/10 would recommend.

  3. Screw a wood screw in about half way and then pull it out. Maybe make a pilot hole in first to make it a bit easier with a drill. It might catch on the drill bit even and you could probably yank it out that way if you're lucky

  4. Easiest is to get a drill and drill it out. The piece will break apart when you go in a couple times with a small drill bit

  5. Put something a bit skinnier against the dowel and tap it through with a hammer or similar to push the dowel out.

  6. Drill a hole in the dowel to remove some of the material and then turn in a screw slightly larger than the hole. If you don't drill first, it could increase the diameter of the dowel, bind it in the hole.

  7. Drill hole comp size to wood golf tee, wood glue golf tee tapped into hole (lightly). Wait 24 hours, pull out the dowel (hopefully). I also use this to fill and redrill hinge holes.

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