1. Is it not able to climb out of the Tupperware or is it just waiting for you to get closer so it can jump on your face

  2. Agreed. Every person I know who has encountered a brown recluse was reaching into a dark storage area that hadn’t been touched in a year or more.

  3. If you let it bite you and a few days later that body part is discolored and in incredible pain, then it was probably a brown recluse.

  4. Yea you need to do this. I caught a similar looking spider in my house. Killed it and then took a closer look to identify. Turns out it was not a recluse. I figured out what it was but can’t remember the name. Anyway, I think yours is probably not a recluse.

  5. Recluses are 1 - not as dangerous as people think they are and 2 - across almost the entire continental US.

  6. Looking at this got me all nauseated lol. But I think it's legs and body aren't quite as thick to be a brown recluse. I see something called a Cellar Spider that looks close to it, but I'd put a lid on that thing and yeet it deep into a field.

  7. Brown Recluses have a violin shape on their back near the head, like how Widows have the hour glass on their abdomens. I can't tell with this video. Can you get some static images?

  8. Something bit me while I was asleep, on my scalp behind my ear May of last year. I was dizzy, had brain-fog, extreme lethargy, body aches and pains, and my hair fell out in about a quarter to half-dollar sized area where I got bit. I have an autoimmune disorder and get all those symptoms during flare-ups. I thought I had a zit on my head (because I woke up with it) and a flare-up of my disorder. I thought this for a few days until I had my roommate look at it and she said there were fang marks. I ended up going to the doctor and being put on antibiotics. It swelled up pretty big, like one of the larger marbles (what'dya call those? Shooters?) on my head. It eventually opened up and started draining on it's own. But it was about two weeks before it finally cleared up. Hair didn't start growing back for about 4 months after that. I just had an awkward bald spot behind my ear for awhile.

  9. That doesn't look like one to me, but you can always try to take a few top down photos and take it to

  10. Probably not. It looks like a male southern house spider, commonly mistaken for a brown recluse. I'm not 100% from the video since I can't see it's back to check for the "fiddle" marking.

  11. It’s definitely NOT a wolf spider, so I’d say it is most likely a recluse. The way I think is where there’s one, there’s always more. Time to find another place to live! 😝

  12. Looks like one for sure, wolf spiders have much thicker appendages and are chonky, this one I would definitely "dispose" of immediately. I do try to capture and put wolf spiders back outside though as they're great for hunting insects.

  13. It does not look like a brown recluse from what I can see, and as someone mentioned earlier, the fact that you’ve got the lights on and it’s in such an open place is not typical of recluse behavior.

  14. I grew up in Iowa and have a discolored patch on my body from being bit by a brown recluse when I was four. This is not a brown recluse. They don't chill in high traffic areas and it's body is far to lightly colored

  15. Key word is in their name. They are reclusive. hiding in dark spaces. They are not known for public display. they are also known as fiddleback spiders for the violin shape on their backs - not all have that exact shape so don't trust it. Head looks right as well. Notice its fangs are out looking for a fight. So just assume it is. Close enough to do what you need to do with it.

  16. Usually when people ask if something is a brown recluse, it's not. They're pretty rare to see out in the open. That said, I don't think you should rule it out. It lacks the markings of a wolf spider, and it's not spindly enough to be a cellar spider. That leaves recluse or - more likely - a sac spider. The shape of the abdomen is the best way to tell since they both can be pale, but it's hard to get that from the video alone

  17. I’m in Houston. I don’t put my hands or any body part anywhere without shining a light to check for these buggers. Careful with curtains and showers. Just gotta look before you step in general here. Fire Ants, snakes, spiders. Never hurts to be aware.

  18. I don't think so, but I'm not sure. If it were me, I would Google brown recluse spider and then click on images.

  19. I've seen them in my house the exact same color. Real light beige body with reddish brown legs. It's easier to tell when they're not moving around any more. They're really fragile. A pop from the corner of a towel will end them. I know a couple people been bit and kill them on sight. I've also read horror stories in the news involving bit children.

  20. I accidentally killed this exact same spider earlier this year and spent the remainder of the day researching and I remember finding that it wasn’t a recluse.

  21. I’d say yes. The “violin” on the abdomen aren’t always that visible. They have very skinny legs, though.

  22. “There’s a possibility that one of the most poisonous spiders is in my kitchen…I should post a video of it on Reddit while it’s in perfect position for me to get rid of it”

  23. It’s hard to tell because it’s moving so much. If it can’t get out of the Tupperware that’s one sign it’s a brown recluse. The legs definitely look like BR legs.

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