1. Under better circumstances if you go to farmers markets or those kinda things you'll find all kinda local soap makers.

  2. Rose's Naturals has fantastic products. She is at the Fulshear Farmers' Market every Saturday, or you can order online.

  3. Pop Soap! They’re a great brother and sister duo making handmade soaps. They have so many different bars that smell so good. And they are usually set up at Urban South Brewery on Saturdays so you can grab some awesome beers and great soaps. We try to grab a few every other weekend, they also have body wash, bath bombs, lotions, beard oils (my bf LOVES them), body spray and hand sanitizers Pop Soap

  4. There’s a company called the noble otter that makes shaving soaps located in Houston. Used to make bath soap too, but they haven’t made any recently.

  5. Wintersong soap company in Sitka Alaska...get the devil's club soap and salve. I know it ain't local😁 but my friends own this..you can order online.

  6. Not local but "good soap" sold at whole foods, pretty much the only reason I shop there and I get 6 at a time

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