1. I think it’s an epipremnum albo. The leaf shape looks more like that to me but I could be wrong and it could just be a juvenile monstera albo

  2. I feel this. I have a Pink Princess that keeps throwing me solid pink leaves followed by leaves with a bit more chance of survival. I'd die laughing in the same way if it spit me a pink leaf with one fleck of green, almost like it KNEW I was about ready to come at it with the scissors.

  3. Honestly though it's a step in the right direction, I'd be on the lookout for the next few leaves as they may come out with more green hopefully, and if not I sag reduce the amount of light it's getting which should make it want to produce more green. If neither of these happen I suggest cutting down to one if the older greener leaves as the dormant bud at the base of the leaf may produce more green growth.

  4. She’s consistently had every other leaf be white, and the in between leaves are all half moons/sectoral variegation. Every time she puts out a new white leaf, the previous white one starts dying off- that’s why you see the browning. the leaves don’t get burnt at all. I’m considering selling or trading her- I know she’s crazy rare but this isn’t what I payed way too much money for 😅

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