1. The figures below are in new/excellent condition with all accessories and boxes unless otherwise stated. Shipping included with prices, DM me for photos and more details.

  2. ISO NBA figures (1/6 enterbay). Mainly want a jordan and a curry. Please PM me if you have one for sale, thanks!

  3. I have excellent feedback from these groups and many more for sales and trades. I am 💯% legit. I am looking for toyworld constructor, te01 optimus and mp9 rodimus prime.

  4. I'm looking to buy a Civil War line Team Iron Man display stand. Can be either Black Panther, Black Widow, or War Machine. PM me if you're willing to part with one or know of a place where I could get one. Haven't had any luck so far.

  5. JSJL black superman brand new for sale, it came with nightmare batman but I’m keeping batman and selling superman. Asking $490 AUS. Based in Melbourne Australia.

  6. Slim chances but doesn’t anyone have a K2SO they selling or willing to trade for a hot toy Spider-Man advanced suit(ps5)

  7. WTS/WTT - changing up my collection considerably, might be posting and adding more as time goes on. Won't sell/trade with new accounts/low karma

  8. Just updating my post. Looking to sell a few hot toys. They are pre-owned and have been displayed. They include their original box and all accessories. No original brown shipper box. Displayed in smoke and pet free home.

  9. I have the following marvel Hot Toys and I'm looking to trade for Star Wars Hot Toys, specifically from the prequels and clone wars.

  10. WTS Brand New Hot Toys Bo-Katan for 320USD/EUR, INCLUDING 1-2 week express shipping from HK, PayPal fees and taxes (will declare low value to avoid duties). No brown shipper box but will ship double boxed.

  11. Still looking to sell my Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Nano Gauntlet (Movie Promo Edition). Lowering price to $100 with free continental U.S. shipping. PayPal G&S fee (3.5%) still applies. It's in great condition and includes the original packaging but no brown shipper box.

  12. I am selling some Hot Toys to make room for LotR statues. I have previous feedback here with ssj7blade and my eBay username is toddtw33 with 351, 100% feedback rating. Prices include shipping in the U.S.

  13. I'm looking for someone from Spain so we can use the sideshows 50% deal on the 2nd purchase. I want to buy the 1/6th scale captain rex figure, if someone is interested on sharing the order, please contact me. 😁👌

  14. WTS -MMS643 - Clone Trooper (Chrome Version) - Brand New in opened brown shipper - $300 shipped. Lower 48 states. Only use goods and services. Pictures are available upon request.

  15. WTB: Hot Toys Vader. I don't need any of the packaging, just looking for a decent deal for the figure for part of a wall display. To be honest I don't even need all of the accessories. Just looking for a figure at decent deal as a place holder until the Obi Wan version of Vader comes out.

  16. WTS: Endgame Thanos and TLJ Kylo Ren. Both complete, but Thanos has a loose toe joint, and Kylo has some bleeding on his neck. $160 shipped each. Need sold ASAP so I'm open to offers. PP G&S only.

  17. WTS - All Prices include shipping and PayPal Fees. All Hot Toys, All Brand New with Shippers. All will be double boxed and shipped for free. Pics include out of the shipper and of the shipper boxes of each figure.

  18. Selling: Rooted Sinag Dark Knight Joker Sculpt with Daftoy body and custom Stand 2 guns and cards to hold with a few hands

  19. I have learned more details on the latest scam going both here and Facebook as well as how to protect yourself.

  20. WTS/WTT - changing up my collection considerably, might be posting and adding more as time goes on. Won't sell/trade with new accounts/low karma

  21. Selling some figs for veterans day, all kept in detolf out of sun in a smoke and pet free home, no damage unless noted, all complete with art box and shipper unless noted, shipped via UPS to anywhere in the US, PayPal only , price includes shipping and fees. No trades no holds.

  22. WTS: Hot Toys Moff Gideon NO DARKSABER - $180 $170 shipped including fees (final/only price drop, will just keep if it doesn't sell)

  23. Want to buy Blitzway Zorro (really just the sculpt but willing to buy entire figure, loose or complete, whatever)

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