1. Mk 85. I stopped collecting Marvel again so I haven’t picked it up myself, but the suit seems great based on photos and in hand impressions.

  2. The BD version wasn’t for me but I see why people love it so much it has some amazing details and works great for the iconic finger snap pose with a great base

  3. I have the MK 85 and I personally think it’s better then the MK 50. Weapon wise it has fewer accessories but I think overall it looks much better.

  4. cant go wrong with either. Both figure can be found for good price. If you are looking into the regular mark 85, note that there is 2 version of this figure with 1st release tony stark head sculpt and a 2nd release revised head.

  5. Definitely have to agree the Mark 85 looks amazing 💪 This is going to be one slippery slope 😅 I ordered Infinity War Captain America as well...

  6. I have both. 50 has better weapon accessories, and has the separate weapon pack (although thats over priced). 50 also has the better headsculpt. But overall 85 is the better figure. Better panel gaps, cooler design

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