1. Lmao arguably one of the worst parts of this video. Not only did he lose his neck but he also learned who his friends were 💀 a twofer

  2. I get where you're coming from, but these people are possibly in shock. It's a 13 second video which stops immediately after it become clear something went horribly wrong. They're also obviously children who are panicking about what to do.

  3. No way to know, saw people break necks from nothing and die, or do great falls on their head just to end up rehabilitating their movement later

  4. Yep it sealed the levels of no fucks given. Idk why it’s always Russians man. Either someone is on fire, drowning, fighting, or hammered beyond return all the surrounding Russians are just like “yep” never do i hear girlish screams, or an attempt at checking on the person in questions health or status. That is one culture i sincerely wouldn’t wanna fuck with. Here at the US we may have our weapons but fuck that if war breaks out I’m going with Elon

  5. What possesses someone who clearly has never practiced or attempted anything like a backflip before to think they can do a backflip?

  6. I remember wanting to do a wall flip once as a teen. You know the thing where you run at the wall and just fun up it into a full flip. I was in great shape and just felt off my rocker amazing that day and was sure I could pull it off, thankfully my mom was present and talked me out of trying. Thanks mom, probably saved me from ruining myself that day. Anyway to your point I compare it to that call of the void feeling.

  7. It’s so crazy how fast our lives can end. All this time and energy we have lived, to die flipping off a piece of wood while wearing a purple shirt

  8. I don’t speak the language, but I’d say that last comment translates to something like “He’s fucked”.

  9. I see people complaining that the people around didnt do anything yet usually what happens is the people around run over and start pulling the persons hair, arms and neck frantically in all directions and then people say they shouldnt have done that. These guys probably read comments from videos like those and decided not to pull the arms and neck and hair frantically in all directions and still they get grief.

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