1. First one. Usually I would prefer the white shoulders/sleeves but they did weird stuff with it with those extra black stripes at the end and the double stripes around the collar.

  2. I'm always confused when teams have a fun name and don't bake the concepts into the jerseys. I'm guessing you're using dye sublimation and not screen printing or heat press. Are you working from a fixed stock jersey? it looks like the print company is pulling the secondary color screen from the artwork, i would recommend lightening the blue color because it's not creating enough contrast.

  3. Mens League Sweaters can create just about any design you can possibly think of. How is that limiting? $69 for fully sublimated jerseys that are high quality, plus socks? That's a real good deal compared to alternatives out there

  4. Those look awesome but I'd probably have to go with the first one for sure. Tho I really don't think you could go wrong with either one.

  5. Everyone else on the team seemed to agree with the internet and liked the first one, but if you want one of the jerseys we’re open to letting people in on the order

  6. 1st option. Prefer the striping patterns and the numbers are easier to see. Not a fan of jersey designs without any waist stripes and those dark colored numbers do not show up very well on a dark colored jersey

  7. First one. I think the white on the second one almost seems out of place. Just feels unbalanced. Idk how to explain it really but I'm sure someone else knows what I mean that can explain it better.

  8. Black looks better and will be easier to see the contrast when you play light colored teams and your looking from the side like on the blue line.

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