1. All things considered a pretty good performance without our best player on a back to back. Poor Owen Power is gunna need some rest.

  2. We look good without most of the starting defense. December could be a very fun month when everyone is back and comfortable

  3. I'm upset we lost, but I had classes with Nick Perbix in college, and he was a cool dude, so like .01% is glad for him that he scored his first NHL goal

  4. Ending sucked but there’s a lot to be encouraged about for the future. We hung with carolina and tampa pretty well down a lot of players.

  5. I used to hate the Sabres back in the Ryan Miller days. But after everything that has happened since, this is awesome to see them recover from whateverTF they’ve been doing for the last decade.

  6. They was like the dude talking about dumping vassy while he still has value, big cat goes out the next game and stops 51 shots....

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