1. The trade should have gotten him fired. The double down signing should have gotten him fired from a cannon into the sun.

  2. Adams should win GM of the decade for getting a 1st and 2nd for him. Giving him away for free would’ve improved our team.

  3. Fletcher trade Ghost with a 2nd to just get rid of him, then traded a 1st for Risto and gave him a fat contract. I feel like the only good decision he's made in years is hiring Torts.

  4. Nah hiring torts was a terrible idea as well as it’s totally ignoring the reality of this team. This team should be tanking right now but instead brought in a guy who will very likely get them to overperform, while simultaneously missing the playoffs, or in other words, keep them in that frustrating middle they’ve been caught in for a decade. Torts was someone who makes more sense like 2 years ago or even last year, this year is just nonsense.

  5. Risto will have stats like these, but the only number that matters is the 55m+ in his bank account. Good for him.

  6. on tavares' highlight reel goal he shoves kerfoot out of the goal crease but in the process he opens up space for tavares to squeeze in behind him and score

  7. His brain literally does not function in the defensive zone. It's incredible. He is so bad at breaking out that most the time he just flips it into no man's land off the boards.

  8. Ristos work ethic off the ice is one of the best in the league, but his work ethic in the rink seems bad, or maybe hes just not nhl player? which one is it...

  9. He has very low “hockey IQ”. He works hard on the ice, but he very often chooses the wrong move to make, especially in the defensive zone. He’s an interesting case where physically he’s a real prototype player but he just isn’t mentally cut out to be an effective defenseman in the NHL. I think he might have had more success in his career if he had been switched to wing and just tried to be a straight ahead style power forward, but it’s almost certainly too late now.

  10. Not expecting it to get much better but he does not even look remotely healthy out there. He definitely came back early and is forcing through. He can barely turn right now

  11. It was such a ridiculous thing to claim when he made Buffalo significantly worse every year when he stepped on the ice. The team and every teammate did far worse w/ him than without.

  12. Can we just maybe leave this guy alone (I already know that answer is no)? It's kinda gotten embarrassing. Like he's bad, we get it. He's also played 4 games, in which his team actually picked up 4 points lol, and these data are not super meaningful.

  13. A gm looked at this and is overall visible eye play (where he still looks terrible) and thought he was worth 5 million for 5 years lol.

  14. Imagine only being on the job for one hour every month and being paid 6 mill for it and you arent even good.

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