1. FWIW, I think all of Yegor, Palat, and Tatar were in the LW rankings, so the only RW left are Bratt and maybe Mercer but he wasn't in the poll

  2. The Devils were apparently pursuing trades for multiple wingers this offseason. It’ll be interesting if we ever find out what happened with Fiala, in particular. I think the Devils either couldn’t beat the package the Kings offered or Fiala didn’t want to sign with the Devils long-term.

  3. Didn’t Bratt play LW most of the time too? I think on the line with Mercer and Johnsson he might have played on the right but on a line with Jack or Nico think he was usually on the left

  4. Three Blues in the top 17 is cool. Buchnevich being the lowest ranked of the three is kinda silly. He’s easily the best defensively of the three and they all have similar offensive outputs. IMO it’s Buchnevich > Tarasenko > Kyrou. Although Kyrou has an insanely high offensive ceiling.

  5. One year, Kyrou will put together a full season. Take his start of 2021-22 and mid/end of 2020-21, and he can hit 45+ G. He usually starts hot though, slumps, and then picks it up a little down the line

  6. I like this way more than the LW one where we had no one in the top 100. And I think I can understand Tarasenko being above Buch purely for his goal scoring but yeah I'd have Kyrou 3rd for sure

  7. I mean how accurate can you really expect people to be evaluating non all star players on other teams. I couldn’t even make 3 much less accurately evaluate second and third line guys on teams I never watch.

  8. you want the real and stupid answer? Google forms' formatting is so dumb that if I did any more than 7 it cuts off the player names lol.

  9. I know players who play a few positions make this difficult but it's very very weird to see Compher the center on the list and Nichushkin the RW off it.

  10. I mean this has nothing to do with stats really (or at least not entirely) its more a fan vote than anything (which also means that it doesn't mean that much)

  11. As a Caps fan who would happily donate him a kidney, I think it's funny how his reputation cuts both ways. You almost never see people talk shit about him without an equal amount of respect and awe for his skillset as sort of the ideal hockey player's hockey player, but truth be told he's not that guy anymore. In our ideal lineup, he would probably be on the third line, and he would do great there, but he doesn't belong at #22.

  12. Lol thats such a recency bias take. You of all people as a Jets fan should know how good Wheeler is when he is on his game. He is definitely a top 32 RW in the NHL

  13. Probably recency bias over this past season, but Bratt has been poised for a breakout year sooner or later. He's too quick and talented to not have a 50+ pt season with his offensive ability.

  14. Kyrou hasn’t played as a center in a single game in the NHL. He’s primarily a right winger who played some games on the left side last year

  15. Trevor Moore and Viktor Arvidsson play on the same line and did so almost all of last year. May want to update one of those.

  16. Well he was the #1 RWer in the league last year and this year per all star team voting. Maybe you're the one who should make the case that he should somehow be considered 5th

  17. Having more points in less games might have something to do with it. At even strength the difference is even more pronounced, Marner produces significantly more at 5v5 than Rantanen does.

  18. Because Marner is the best passer in the league and has a good shot as well? It's not really had to see how Marner, arguably the best winger in the league when he's on his game, is ranked higher.

  19. The guy tweets "Stop complaining about positions!"... yet doesn't have Matt Duchene on RW which he played all season, and does list Colton Sissons as RW which he has NEVER played.

  20. Thomas Massie or Ron Paul would probably be at the top of my right wing rankings. Ol turtleface McConnell is in the basement.

  21. Ikr. He’s only gotten 93 points in the last 3 playoffs. Second highest Points per game in the regular season since 2015, after McDavid. What a bum

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