1. Quick has such a sloppy goaltending style. If he had any sound mechanics he would have been standing up ready for that shot instead of doing yoga over the blue paint.

  2. Well….maybe next year leaf’s fans. You and the cowboys will definitely be holding a championship trophy

  3. Says the fanbase who missed the playoffs and is still crying about a guy “you don’t need” 4 years later lol he left and you guys are bottom feeders now get over it

  4. Not much of a hockey fan, but Leafs seem to be stuck in similar predicaments as the Blue Jays were in the last half of the 1980's and the Raptors were during the 20-teens. Great teams that lack "winners". Not great players, but players that excel when the pressure is on. The Blue Jays dealt Fred McGriff (a guy was was easily the best player in the trade when it happened, he should be in the HoF btw) and Tony Fernandez for a young player with great talent (Alomar) and a Joe Carter, a guy with a different mental makeup than McGriff. I remember when that trade happened, on paper, the Padres got way more talent back in the deal, but as Pat Gilick (the Jays GM) said, it's not about having the best players, it's about having the right players. The Jays would win a pair of World Series.

  5. Solid series. Leafs would've had it if they didn't pull a classic in game 6. Most inconsistent team in hockey. Sometimes they look unstoppable, sometimes they all look like Justin Holl out there.

  6. Holl's been just fine the last three games. Really, if you're going to fault anyone on D, fault Boosh. He's not fast enough and doesn't make good decisions under pressure.

  7. Did you even watch game 6? The leafs came back from being down 0-2, the only "classic" thing that happened was the rules suddenly changing for the second half of the game

  8. But the same core for how many years and what don they have to show for it? Nothing. I would expect changes this off season.

  9. I hope Toronto gets their series win next year. I'm glad it wasn't against the Lightning but it's tough to watch this team not get through to the second round

  10. Yeah sure. “You can have anything you want as long as you don’t take it from meeee”

  11. They gotta get rid of Tavares. They shouldn’t have signed him and kept Kadri. If they did that, Matthews and Marner would be 2.5 million dollars less and Nylander a million less and that gets them another top 6 forward, an actual goalie, or a real defender

  12. I will say here that I can't put anything on Soup. He made some killer saves in this game and this series and I think he was much better than Vasy for a lot of the series. The rest I feel extremely mixed about since there were games Tavares was a non factor and then there were times like the no goal where he just decides to one man show and score (or not...).

  13. Nah fuck Steve. If he is going to act like the refs were out to get the Leafs and then pull the "we did nothing wrong, it was just hockey" card then he gets no sympathy.

  14. I'll take a tight series loss where all our best players are awesome against the back to back champs. Context matters. Losing to bad teams while playing bad was what hurt the last couple years. Poor Leaf fans.

  15. Honestly this series was by far the most nervous I’ve been in the past 3 post seasons. Matthews line looked dangerous pretty much every shift. The leafs showed some monumental growth this series and if they don’t blow it up I genuinely think they will break the curse next year.

  16. Biggest criticism the last few post seasons was that the best players didn't step up. Nylander, Matthews, and Marner were the best players this post season. They lived up to their expectations, just came up a goal short against a great goalie. This was a far different post season experience for the Leafs and their fans. Disappointing in the result but not the product.

  17. Yes you guys lost to a good team, but it doesn't mean much when you always lose. Like you just find new ways to do it.

  18. I can believe I actually let myself hope the leafs would advance. I used to always think them blowing it was funny. But this is just sad.

  19. I called this before the playoffs started. Leafs would lose in 7 and everybody keeps their jobs cuz it was against the strong defending cup champions. Except Tampa didn't even play great this series Kucherov was invisible, all the leafs stars had to do was show up and they couldn't. This is why I have a Seattle flair, last year I got too fed up and moved on and this was my chance to see if I feel any regret and there is none, 0. They choke always. This is not a pasta.

  20. Matthews 8 points, Marner 7 points, Nylander 7, Tavares 6, Riley 5. 14 goals between those 5. Absolute nonsense to say the stars didn't show up.

  21. They're paying 11M a year with a NMC to a guy who doesn't do anything, who they never needed and may well lead to Marner or Matthews being gone in a few years (and has already contributed to losing some players and ruining any chance at depth).

  22. Yeah... couple years ago when Matthews and Marner were so young it was a good move. It's just from now on it will become problematic.

  23. Quite honestly I watched way less games this year. Which truly sucks. Idk how many I’ll watch next year, call me fake all ya want but man it just sucks.

  24. Not to take anything away from the Habs, the team did great last year but it felt like a fluke. Like the team beat the leafs but couldn't beat Detroit in the regular season

  25. Yes they're both identical teams, just like your team is identical this year to how it was last year. Right?

  26. I feel completely different. Tampa is the best team in the league and we matched them which nobody else has in a few years. Big guys showed up. It's different feeling for sure. Losing to bad teams and playing bad was much worse.

  27. Campbell did well. You're hardly going to win any game 7 when you've got these dominant offensive pieces and they manage a single goal between them.

  28. Had to win in game 6. Had the lead and choked it away by giving up a 5 on 3. I had no doubt they would end up losing. Fucking hate this team.

  29. I respect the fuck out of both those teams. Sorry leaf bros. I hope your front office makes the necessary changes. You have electric talent that is very fun watch

  30. Where I hear the St.Louis Blues, I have zero emotions. Total indifference. I'm not even sure I can name a single player on their team.

  31. Most leafs fans I know were fully prepared for this tbh. It’s actually making me superstitious at this point; I’m not even a fan but I’m starting to believe they’re cursed. What was it, 2004? It doesn’t even make sense. Marner and Matthews were like 7 years old in 2004, so it’s not like there’s any rhyme or reason why this consistently happens

  32. Don’t worry friend, they are already planning the parade for next season. Now, which well past their prime free agents can they go poach for next year?

  33. Man I feel bad for leafs fans. My wife is a huge leaf fan and she's laying down in bed distraught. Fuck me hope the Flames at least win tomorrow.

  34. Good news for most of us, this was just expected. I'm not even surprised. These guys have phoned it in every year when it matters.

  35. Leafs moment. God I feel bad for the leafs fans right now but the team just took a dump on center ice and wondered why no one likes it

  36. Damn I feel for them, they looked crushed. But love the respect and sportsmanship after such a hard series. Next round is going to be good, hope to be a part of it 🤞

  37. Honestly a good effort from the leafs. Didn’t get the result but you can’t say they didn’t put forth a solid effort. Didn’t get the bounces and Vasi was solid.

  38. It’s gonna sound crazy, but I think the Leafs gotta run it back again. It’s a good team, they keep getting to game 7 for a reason. It’s not like Tampa’s some pushover. I just don’t see how they make major changes without making the team worse.

  39. i've never seen rival fans defend losers like this. if it was a good team they would have won game 6. but they didnt, which means they are a bad team. even this years habs trashed them

  40. To be fair, they were clearly dominant at times this series, just some questionable shenanigans, etc. Stl, noticeable improvement over the years, and yeah, it's not like Tampa are some random chumps.

  41. That's honestly what they should do, I agree, but they probably won't. Playoffs aren't really the fairest test - we're looking at one single Game 7 where they lost by 1 goal, and extrapolating way too much meaning from that. But that's what sports teams do all the time, it seems.

  42. Man I was bandwagoning on Toronto but also cheering for Nick Paul. Literally told myself if Toronto loses I hope Paul gets the winner. So I guess I’m alright with this.

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