1. I’m gonna be honest, as someone who also partook in shitting on Eichel, this was our sub all season long about Pettersson. By like game 30 we were like “oh shit this might just actually be Elias” but then suddenly he absolutely turned it the fuck on and finished with career high in goals and tied his season best in points (66).

  2. EicheL continues to not make the playoffs. Can’t wait for the roster implosion in the summer and Vegas being forced into a multi-year rebuild so he continues to not make the playoffs and eventually take over the most games played without playing in the playoffs, lol

  3. Only sad part is I'm sure Vegas will just double down dump players like they're nothing and do anything in attempt to stay competitive.

  4. Now that absolute grenade deserves an Eichel-esque eye roll. But hey, it's not like Jack is scoring any goals recently, so he might as well tee one up for Caleb Jones.

  5. One of many good thing about the trade for Sabres fans is we can finally recognize Matthews is better.

  6. I went to a Sabres/Leafs game in Buffalo where the Leafs fans had a very loud "Au-ston's be-tter" chant going on. I look back and smile knowing that he had to listen to that.

  7. I am very sorry for ever comparing the two, one is the 2nd or 3rd best player in the league, the other can’t control their emotions and it fucks with their play waaaaaaaaay to much. Angry Eichel has always been bad eichel, nervous eichel = bad eichel so on and so on.

  8. I didn't believe you (just because it seems dumb) until I googled it hoping for a news article. I only found a HF Boards thread about it from last year but it's pretty funny

  9. man that is a pass that even in my shitty beer league you would get roasted for. a blind pass toward the middle of the ice. what a shit play.

  10. Just last week everyone on here was saying how he’s been great for Vegas and that all the vegas Buffalo record comparisons are super dumb. Now this

  11. Vegas would have been better off with Ryan Reaves. At least he is a team player who will fight for his teammates and not a diva like Eichel.

  12. This is why more players should seek shorter term contracts. If Jack was near free agency he could’ve gone to a team that doesn’t have a front office gone mad.

  13. As A leafs fan I dislike Eichel, which my be surprising to some, but the main reason for it is when he was in Buffalo the Sabres fans would compare him to Matthews claiming Eichel was better, he was just on a worse team, now that he's in the dumps its good to see they concede their point they made 3 years ago.

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