1. It’s the most cursed season in 30 years. I didn’t even blink it’s just expected at this point

  2. I was watching the Devils broadcast and the color guy doing the game was really trying but you could tell that one hurt.

  3. Just watched the replay and there’s a lot of bad luck that out Hamburglar in tough situations. This goal was a crazy deflection, the second goal he should’ve had but was strange, the third goal was a deflection and the power goal wasn’t a gimme but looks bad in the context of everything else.

  4. Yeah, I'd like to see a replay from behind the net. The Defender's stick gets in to try to mess with his shot as he's letting it go, and he either completely screens Hammond about what's happening or deflects it.

  5. Not true we've had some insanely flukey goals in our favor. Butt goal being just one example

  6. Dude sold his soul for one good season. He was a backup in Rochester a few years back, and I remember watching him wondering how he was even in the AHL at that point. Kinda sad to be honest. I’m glad the guy got the run of his life a few years back, but he shouldn’t be anywhere remotely near an NHL locker room at this point.

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