1. If you watched alot of college hockey you weren't shocked. Denver is a giant killer and had one of the toughest schedules in college hockey. Michigan was good but young and made so many mistakes through the season. Although I will say they played a great game for 2 and a half periods on thursday

  2. Denver had a great strategy against Michigan and they had 100% buy-in from their players. They clogged up every lane, disrupted transitions, and forechecked ceaselessly. Denver also created their offense out of so many steals and disruptions.

  3. In the context of NCAA hockey it's not that surprising, because it's an environment where raw skill and potential are somewhat useful but having experience and strength are probably even more important, so future potential very much does not automatically translate to success. If you look back at past champions and Frozen Four teams, they tend to be teams which have a mix of NHL-level talent and 3-4 year players who are just bigger/stronger/more experienced than the young guys. (Denver is actually a great example of this; they had 4 ppg scorers this season and Savoie was a sophomore taken in the 2nd round, but the other 3 are all guys who were late picks and are either juniors or seniors).

  4. Honestly I could see him coming back for his junior year. He was shuffled down the lineup because of the talent and depth we had at center and still scored at a point-per-game, but he can come back in a huge role and have an even bigger impact.

  5. Dumdums online may have said that but no one else believed it right? That take has to be one of the worst I've ever heard on here.

  6. There wasn’t even any evidence to suggest that’s what he wanted outside of “Sabres bad lololol” was there?

  7. Tough loss last night for Mich. I wonder how many of those top 5 picks will sign and if any will play another year of college.

  8. Awesome for the Sabres. When was the last time a team had two dmen who had gone 1st overall (much less 2 guys who's ages were so similar).

  9. there has only been 4 or 5 Dmen picked 1OA this century. Power, Dahlin, Ekblad, and Erik Johnson, unless I missed someone, so just not a lot of bodies to work with for your question

  10. I imagine Quinn will come back to get up to 9 games this year, does anyone know if Peterka is likely to see some time as well? I've heard he's been good in the A, but idk if Buffalo can easily make room for 3 more players on their roster.

  11. Sabres only have 1 call up left for the season. The paper transaction to send krebs, Samuelson, and Fitzgerald down so they would be eligible for ahl playoffs and back up used 3 of the 4 post deadline call-ups.

  12. I actually wouldn't bet on either of those. Sabres are pretty much healthy at forward and the GM is talking a big game about the AHL club making a playoff run, which they need all the help they can get for that

  13. Kaplan said not this season on espn. Taking the summer to make a choice, but leaning towards going back for another year.

  14. We have a preview of our LD depth of Dahlin Power and Samuelsson for the next few games. They're all young and exciting to watch and fuck I can't wait to see them grow together

  15. What has been his problem with Buffalo? Dude has been a complete weirdo, acting like hes some 17 year old jock stuffing the freshman sabres in a locker. Is there some sort of beef he had with Buffalo when he was a fringe fourth line player?

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