1. No , nas will forever be in goat talks. Who really cares. you put in 30 years in the game, i promise you will get a writer too.

  2. Writing credits r iffy, if u so much as say, “yo u should say this..” n it goes in the song ur getting a credit.. at least that’s how these rappers n ghost writers explain it in interviews

  3. If you’re talking about Drake yea…people will hate on him forever over this. Crickets when it gets brought up about anyone else though. Truthfully, having writers is just part of the process of making music. At least for the vast majority of artists

  4. Did nas have ghostwriters for his first two albums? Has Drake put anything out in his entire career that stands with illmatic/IWW?

  5. Nas will still be respected because as along as he’s been in the Game, he wrote all of his material up so people will overlook him using a writer every now and then for a song

  6. The problem here is that it's not just ghost writers that are the reason Drake isn't in the goat convo - he doesn't have anything that close to measures up to illmatic and IWW, not to mention that Nas is one of the longest active major rap figures ever

  7. Lol, anyone can say anything. Hey guys, I, Kholdstare93, wrote all of Paid in Full. Believe me? Yeah, that's what I thought. Until I hear it come out of Nas's mouth, I'm not believing shit.

  8. Idgaf if it's true or not, igaf that people who made GW out to be a sin would discard this if it was true about Nas, just because "he's Nas". Hip-hop fans have always been wishy washy.

  9. Jay electronica did not ghostwrite queens get the money. Quentin Miller also did not ghostwrite for drake unless the meaning has changed. In both instances Jay electronica and Quentin Miller were clearly listed as credited artists. Ghostwriting has always been getting your writing done and hiding that fact without crediting an artist so no one is aware, hence the term “ghost.”

  10. No worries, one day soon AI will allow us to be able to copy and paste any lyrics into it and it will tell us exactly who wrote what LOL

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