1. Diddy was fine when he was just whispering “bad boy” but he wore out his welcome after no way out. And I’m going to be honest I have a big problem with 90% of bad boy albums production. I just don’t like the beats. Feel real run of the mill.

  2. I think the music was always dope but diddy yelling dumb ass adlibs and going “HAHAAA” gets real tiring especially when you got someone like Biggie dropping absolute bars at the same time.

  3. Diddy is a weird guy. Like, he’s clearly one of the best and most ambitious businessmen in hip hop history (which I really respect).. and he rounded up some really talented people to work together.. but, musically, he’s one of the worst artists ever.. and having an executive producer — not even an actual producer — wanting to intrude all over songs and videos… is just.. corny AF.

  4. I don’t like Diddy but he did push Big on the Juicy beat. Big ain’t wanna rap on pop sounding shit. The Big we know probably wouldn’t of achieved the heights he did, without Puff

  5. I'd agree he was ambitious. Who talks about Diddy and what is he doing as far as hip hop goes these days? When it's all said and done, as much as Jay Z is still incredibly relevant, I think Dr. Dre will be touted as the most ambitious and successful businessman in rap. Beats by Dre, despite being owned by Apple now, is one of the most ballsy, lucrative business decisions in hip hop. He may have a small discography as far as his own output goes, but his legacy in that regard is cemented, and his work with other rappers speaks for itself. He just hosted the superbowl half time show too which was wild, and I'm not even American nor do I follow NFL.

  6. Pretty sure BIG was gonna go the route of many others if not for Puff. I mean, he essentially saved him twice - initially at Uptown and then grabbing him from the crack house that got raided the following day after Puff learned he was there, post Uptown.

  7. He wanted to put his name in every song, get production credits for songs he didn't produce and be on every video to be the face of BadBoy records.

  8. " we ain't mad at cha" shut up Diddy and go fuck somewhere my search results say the notorious B.I.G not bitch who needs to hog up whatever fame big has. Yeah tho I agree with you man, too bad I ain't no tech wizard and just take Diddy's voice out those songs😠

  9. Nah that’s great (like a hype man type thing) on that song but his voice takes over biggies on suicidal thoughts. It’s too loud.

  10. Yo without Puff there would be no music. He had the vision & the connections. We was just having fun and it was about friendship and dirty money. It was an experiment for the most part.

  11. "We'll see if Puff knows what's up/Cuz he's the one gettin 'em drunk and fucking his mind up" -Jeru Tha Damaja "One Day"(1996)

  12. Fr I wish they had another remastered version of ready to die without diddys adlibs. The remastered version out now has the adlibs even louder

  13. Not the only one, there’s a reason why I only really listen to Ready to Die. He’s not a brilliant rapper and he only detracts from a track imo.

  14. I am with you. Life After Death had good songs but was all over the place and too pop sounding. The Primo songs were the best songs on there.

  15. He ruined Ready To Die with his stupid ass adlibs. Who Shot Ya would be like a minute and a half long without him, and Suicidal Thoughts is fucked up too

  16. Okay so this is kind of a douche thing to say but: imagine your very last song before you getting killed prematurely is called victory💀💀💀😐😐😐

  17. Diddy was the blueprint for DJ Khaled. Just obnoxiously insert yourself into songs, hoping it makes you seem talented too

  18. I think his voice adds to the songs and he's a fine actor. But my god he aided in the decline of raps quality when he was spitting. Legit rapped over all of kashmir so awful

  19. Juicy is one of the great Biggie songs and as it ages it gets more & more frustrating to hear Puffy in the background fucking it up with his background “all good” shit. Then you venture into other songs and there’s Puff again with his “yeah yeah”. He needs to re-release versions of biggies albums without that shit. He’d please soooooo many fans and probably make Biggie chart again if he did

  20. haha no you're not alone in thinking that, I always hated when Diddy came in talking & screaming stuff all over biggies songs! 😆 😂🤣 😁👍🏼

  21. No, you're not. I never liked his adlibs, even as a kid. It never sounded musical to me, at all. It always sounded and felt out of place. There are a small handful of songs/spots where it works, but most of the time, he's just a nuisance.

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