1. I've been a fan since Camp and he surprised me with that album. He was a decent singer on earlier stuff, but really flexed his voice on that one.

  2. Honorable mention: Andre 3000. I think he rhymed on about 3 tracks on The Love Below; as good as it was we wanted hin rhyming. Same w/ Lauryn's Miseducation.

  3. Happy V day, Spread, and a day in the life. The rest is completly singing. He was already showing his singing range on Stankonia for the most part previously.

  4. Cee-Lo and Andre 3000 are pretty great examples, although 3000 essentially just stopped making music, unfortunately.

  5. Someone needs to put that douche back in a wheelchair like he belongs! Fake ass ho boy! “And that’s just how I feel” ~ you know

  6. Nah he still raps. Unfortunately. Every bone in my body is trying to find a way to inform you of "ain't nobody gonna tell me how to live" without telling you to listen to it 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  7. Lil Ugly Mane. He used to do hardcore rap over chopped and screwed beats and now he’s doing experimental singing shit that’s actually really good.

  8. Only semi related but the hip hop scene and punk scene have been deeply connected since the 70s. Beastie boys were originally punk rockers and then found themselves being one of the fundamentals in hip hop.

  9. A lot. I would say it’s a majority of the industry now. MGK is a genius for evolving his craft and moving beyond the genre that was gonna try and eat him alive. He’s thriving in his scene. I’m not a fan of his but I’ve always seen him to be a maverick, a stand out. I’m a stand out too.

  10. Yelawolf has stretched across a few genres and I think he’s been great at them all. Row Your Boat sounds like it could’ve been a Michael Jackson song

  11. .Paak still raps though (e.g. Lockdown, YUUUU). In fact, he's always been one to blend between rapping & singing. Malibu had plenty of both. Oxnard vs Ventura.

  12. I was at gov ball walking over to see j cole and heard some of playboy carti's set during the walk. He had a live band playing metal riffs and he kept doing these 80s metal high pitched screams. It was hilariously bad.

  13. MGK doesn’t only sing now, he’s released a fair amount of rap songs over the last couple of years. Including an EST Gee feature this week and a rap album coming this year.

  14. Let’s be real, no one really gave a fuck about mgk in the rap world. Evidently rock is the only place he matters. And I’m not even hating like that

  15. Mgk didn’t “used to” be a rapper, he still is. He just does punk as well. He’s got a rap album coming out this year

  16. Everlast of House of Pain turned rock, Queen Latifah went R&B, Heavy D went reggae and Boots of The Coup kind of went rock.

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