1. Nekoma would struggle to score vs Kamomedai’s blocks even with Kenma’s IQ. He’d have to jump set like he did vs sarukawa tech on like every 3/2 point pass just to speed up the offense enough to maybe get a kill, so he’s definitely not lasting a long game. Kuroo would have to have the game of his life vs Hirugami to give the wings any daylight vs that block. Hoshiumi would get his hits dug a lot more than he did vs Karasuno, but he’d still score more often than not. Imo to beat kamomedai you’d need at least 1 outstanding offensive option that can consistently score vs their set double block or a middle that has an insanely fast/high quick to keep Hirugami in check and make him stay honest and glued in the middle, and imo nekoma doesn’t have either.

  2. Honestly I think both teams would have a really rough time scoring, but because Kamomedai would be largely stopping Nekoma with blocks, I think it'd really only be a matter of time before Nekoma lost.

  3. I think that Nekoma has a slightly harder time scoring, but really it comes down to it being a really long match which is a disadvantage to Nekoma. Kamomedai are the most stable team in the series so it would be ridiculously difficult for Kenma to try and bring down Kamomedai. He could try and target Gao but it would be hard to do, and Kamomedai don't seem afraid to bench him if it becomes a problem.

  4. Nekoma would either need a high high level OH/Spiker or they need to have way more stamina as in more than the Nekoma v Karasuno match. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went past 30 points every set

  5. Kamomedai wins in straight sets pretty easily I would say. Nekoma is known for their defence and Kamomedai essentially does most things defensively better than them. Plus they have a very proficient offence with korai and the other 6’8 guy on the wing. I don’t think they have enough offence to keep up.

  6. In theory I think it's a good matchup for Nekoma. Kamomedai's serves will be less effective, a very smart setter, defense that is excellent at adjusting to their opponents and a very dynamic middle blocker could all work well against them. Also forcing players like Hoshiumi and Gao to jump over and over while Kamomedai also plays in an stamina and mental intensive blocking scheme would be beneficial for Nekoma.

  7. Tbh I think Kamomedai most likely would take it but I don't it would be a close match Nekoma would have a very very hard time deal with Kamomedai blocks I could only have confidence of Nekoma winning if they were able to shut down hoshiumi which is extremely difficult and most likely won't happen if Nekoma and Kamomedai played each other

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