1. For ne 100% Seijoh, especially here i see them mentioned in a not so favorable way often. Mostly people that agree with Ushijima that without Oikawa they are weak.

  2. I actually think Ichibayashi is underrated. I chose this team because a) I do actually think they are underrated and b) generally most people in the fandom have a reasonable ranking of teams with only one or two I may disagree with, and they aren't normally consistent, so I don't have like a main team that I think is underrated constantly. I think that uninjured Itachimiya is seen as one of, if not the strongest teams we see play but I think people are underrating a hypothetical Ichibayashi. They beat Fukurodani with a fired up Bokuto and freakin Kamomedai who looked like the best team we'd seen save some Hinata plot armor BS. Some of this might be power creep but I think Kamomedai were the best team in the series and Ichibayashi being able to beat them should put them up with uninjured Itachimiya imo.

  3. Is there any info out about ichibayashi? because it’s crazy they came in and beat a very talented Kamomedai and Furkrodani team and their not discussed at all. I would agree that Kamomedai is probably the best team overall, they were just so consistent in every category and Korai is probably the best player in the series at that point.

  4. Fukurodani is pretty underrated because lot of people tends to think about them being good because of Bokuto and Akaashi. The rest of the team is actually awesome. Washio is Top 3 middle. Konoha probably Top 3 opposite. Sarukui is pretty above average outside hitter I would say. Komi also a great libero that's Top 5 easily.

  5. at this point the amount of people calling all of fukurodani's players underrated is at the point of them being properly rated.

  6. Honestly I've noticed Seijoh being extremely underrated lately. A lot of people think they're a team that's hard carried by Oikawa, which just isn't true. I've always found it odd that people take Ushijima at his word when he compares Seijoh to barren soil, when everything about that scene is framing Ushijima as being wrong.

  7. Oh my God, in my opinion that scene makes you understand that while for Hinata who at that moment in history was still a novice player, for him the Seijoh was a great team, while for Ushijima who has much more experience than Hinata for him the Seijoh except Oikawa was weak. More than just wrong, Ushijima's standards were higher

  8. I don't think Seijoh is underrated. There are people who chose players from this team while making a team for example, Kindaichi and watari along with Iwaizumi. It's just that Seijoh is only strong in miyagi prefecture.

  9. Don’t know where this falls on the take scale, but I would say Mujinizaka. I don’t think anyone is saying that Mujinizaka is actually thrash (though I’ve read it about their players). And I’ve not here to say that they are actually the best. But I do think that people have this very unnuanced view of them. That sometimes people tunnel vision to much on players, give them to much credit, while taking it away from other players and don’t pay attention to context. Like for example the fact that Mujinizaka won 2 sudden deaths tournaments in their prefecture and got to the semis in the Inter-High. You don’t get that level of consistency by just relying on 1 player.

  10. Nekoma. I heard a lot of friends of mine say that they like the nekoma just because of characters like kuroo and kenma, but that they think they're weak as team. They deserve much more respect- ✊

  11. I think Wakutani Minami gets somewhat overlooked. They took a set from a season 2 Karasuno. I know Daichi got injured, but they still had to deal with all of Karasuno's other tools including Asahi and the floaty freaky quick. Like Nekoma, I think they're the kind of understated team that can beat much more visibly strong teams through resilience. I think they would have had a good shot of making nationals in a less competitive prefecture.

  12. Imo Fukurodani is a good team without a doubt, one of the best actually. I would place them at around top 5 in the series, behind Shiratorizawa, Inarizaki, Itachiyama, Kamomedai and maybe Mujinazaka(not in order). What holds them back a little bit, is that the only extraordinary player in the team is Bokuto and their strategy relies on him. Shiratorizawa has a similar strategy, but as good as Bokuto is, Ushijima is still one or two steps above him

  13. I don't know if that's fair, Fukurodani made a pretty big point of showing how they can hold their own even when their ace isn't playing well. Being able to keep the game going as a 5 v 6 shows how talented the rest of them are.

  14. seijou for sure, they experimented a ton and gave up lots of points in their final match but still got close, karasuno also got pretty lucky with how one of their final points barely touched the line and if it didn't they'd lose.

  15. Feel like people forget that Kageyama respects and admires Iwaizumi a lot. He probably in a way mentored him more that Oikawa did

  16. I would say Kammomedia cause they have Korai who's ranked #6 out of the Wingspikers and Hiragumi is a top 5 Middle and that team got farther than expected. They were basically a more feared Date Tech with stronger attack and have the means to fight in the air better than others

  17. Fukurodani is popular but people do underestimate Fukurodani because they believe that they rely solely on Bokuto, who is inconsistent himself (or was, given his character development in the Mujinazaka match). Look, this is nationals we're talking about, and the fact they made it to runner up is honestly a testament to how good they are. Bokuto did have a power up so to speak, but Fukurodani also has amazing players that just get slept on.

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