1. That sounds cool!, my mind when straight to like more online geared like a fifa pro clubs style or 2k my park or whatever it’s called or maybe even like a Mario strikers style would be cool to since it has a very arcade feel to it

  2. The momentum meter would be very cool. It would make a lot of sense for a team like Inarizaki which thrives off of momentum. I hope we get a game sometime too!

  3. There are a couple of Haikyuu games on the 3DS but it’s Jpn only. I think in one of them, you play as a manager(?) iirc.

  4. It's not exactly Haikyuu, but there's a game called "The Spike" which is available on steam and free to play on mobile. It's not your typical volleyball, but a 3v3 type with one setter, one spiker and one middle blocker. I've bought the game on PC and put tens of hours into it. Not a huge fan of the mobile version, though... I found that playing on a controller is the best experience. Definitely would recommend, considering how cheap the game is (I got it for around 150INR, or about 2 USD)

  5. For real. I am a hobbyist gamedev and have had a volleyball game in the works for a while (not coming anytime soon LOL), but for research I played basically every volleyball game released for the PS2 and GameCube. It's dire. It's honestly a very hard game to convey in a videogame, in a way that is approachable & fun.

  6. i had a idea back them of making a manager like game with the haikyuu player in a volleyball setting, but i dont know how to code 🤡 but a was trying to, a have a database of all players (with stats) if some one would be interest in making a game i would give the database and some insights on the game

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