1. Am I the only one who’s never followed their BEC and only knows of them from this sub?? 😂😂 I can’t stand myadventuretofit and never knew of her until I joined this sub lol

  2. Same, I don’t follow any of them but I used to follow Claire and that’s how I found this sub! After I saw how shitty of a person she was I stopped following her.

  3. Holley is 100% my BEC. I did finally unfollow her but it took a while to do it. I used to love her content but I think she's way beyond redemption at this point. 🤙🏻

  4. idk how you stand lexi, i had to unfollow her a long time ago. i cant stand the way she talks and how she thinks its important that we know shes going to the grocery store.

  5. Claire. I detest everything about her since she faked, marketed, and sold unicorn eating disorder recovery to her gullible audience. "All in" is common parlance now, and it doesn't work as advertised, and she has never once admitted that she had an eating disorder, never once admitted that she's back to calorie counting, never once admitted the truth: she got fat and didn't like it, so she cut weight to restore her aesthetically-pleasing figure.

  6. Same! For me this subreddit has really shown me her true colours, plus her content has gone way downhill lately. I used to kind of idolize her (which is super embarrassing) but now I kind of pity her. I still watch her new videos out of curiosity, but I don’t really enjoy them. She was actually quite engaging before and I had watched a few of her videos more than once. She’s just like a car accident now and I can’t look away. 🫣 Part of me is certain I would want to read her book, if it ever gets released, because it might be kind of fascinating.

  7. 💯 The denial of her problem with disordered eating and constant body checking & monetizing off of it all...She's harmful and I pity her now.

  8. Mari 110% and it makes me sad bc she was my absolute fav like you said in 2017-whenever she moved to Cali, before the LA fame got to her. I cannot stand her shitty form and bland what I eat in a days, but I can’t unfollow 😩

  9. I was a hugeeee Mari fan when she was OG in New York, then CO, then back to NY. I bought her guides, I bought some of bloom but then I realized I hated the products and I saw the change in her that I didn’t like. She isn’t genuine anymore

  10. For a long time it was Jessica Olie but I finally got tired of her ass hanging out of her clothes while doing yoga and then complaining about how people sexualized her so I unfollowed.

  11. Sarah’s day… she’s so out of touch, actively bashes modern medicine and health care workers, and promotes disordered eating/ exercise/ body image. She’s currently pushing how you can have abs 6 weeks postpartum and is making a pregnancy fitness guide. And many more things. I don’t know what is is but I just can’t unfollow her

  12. Doclyssfitness, originally littlelyssfitness - Alyssa Olenick. I actually did unfollow at one point, but caved and refollowed because I was still seeking out her quality content. I LOVE what she stands for, but am so sick of her constant state of exasperation in regard to her followers.

  13. 100% me too. I had too unfollow because I was so sick of the same shit over and over again. Like her content was good but damn did she complain about her followers and social media so much.

  14. Yes, love her content, but I honestly wonder how invasive and persistent people really are vs is it just one question every time she puts up a box and she's tired of getting it so she just rants every single time.

  15. I still follow her and love her content for the most part but it really annoys me how she “answers” questions saying that she doesn’t have to answer them or people keep asking her the same boring fat loss questions or whatever, but I have asked a few questions before and rarely get answers and I felt like they were genuine fitness questions that weren’t something she answered before?? Like why keep reposting questions you don’t like if you have people asking you different questions? Not that I think I’m entitled to an answer, but it just confuses me

  16. I’m close to unfollowing. I really do love her content. It’s the back and forth between asking people to engage with her posts fOr ThE aLgOrItHm, but then complaining about her followers. Make up your damn mind!!

  17. same. she's one of the few i haven't unfollowed. i find myself skipping thru her stories though, she's always promoting her own shit which I understand but i dont go on IG to see that. i do like how she doesn't give a fuck about aesthetics though, shes purely focused on performance and I love that b/c i'm so sick of "fitness" accounts that don't care about performance and only care about growing your ass or how you look.

  18. So a slightly different take because she’s not a BEC and it’s more that she’s just uncomfortable to watch and kind of a boring follow now, but Nikki B. I actually like her, she seems chill and there’s nothing wrong with what she posts. But she barely does anything fitness related and I wouldn’t even say she posts lifestyle content, other than putting outfits together. I’m not actually sure what she does tbh, I just get kind of a low-key sad vibe off of her all the time, hence the uncomfortable part. I know she recently ended a relationship and lost her sweet Max but it started before all that. For some reason I don’t unfollow though, I guess I keep hoping she’ll find a spark or something.

  19. It was @mishkadawn, but I did finally unfollow yesterday as she was promoting people should make their own homemade baby formula which is incredibly dangerous.

  20. I detest myadventuretofit and think she’s the scum of the earth but cannot stop watching her videos. I hate the way she bites food off cutlery and yet I watch her shit all the time. It’s like a reverse ASMR. I really do think she’s disgusting though WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME

  21. Same!!! Just because you lose some weight with certain type of diet doesn't mean you discover the best diet for all human being.. nor qualified you to "educate" your followers. Ex-overweight blonds are the worst kind of influencers.. same with Mari and etkfit

  22. Someone on this sub pointed out that she always makes a point to stick out her collarbone which I hand't noticed before and believe I can't look away from that trainwreck and now more than before I can't stop watching!!!

  23. I think I unfollowed the ones I couldn't handle anymore lol I asked myself one day why I was still following Ally and EmDunc and didn't have a reason, so unfollowed. Same with Mik- rarely liked any of her content. Others too, but again, I unfollowed.

  24. tayyychayyy look me awhile cause she’s from a neighboring hometown and we used to go to the same gym but i eventually ripped the bandaid off 😂

  25. Honestly I cannot even view her stories without cringing because of the accent 😬 it’s almost painful. I have to stay as far away from her page as possible

  26. What’s hilarious is all her friends say that the people on Reddit are so sad and have no lives etc - but a new group was made and just a day or two has 600+followers 🤙🏻 so nice to know other ppl can’t stand her

  27. Sydney Adams is slowly becoming this for me. She’s not quite my BEC yet but she’s on her way there lol. I don’t think I’ll ever unfollow her though because she provided a lot of inspo for me to get back into the gym, idk

  28. I feel the same about her. Besides her parents giving her money, I don’t understand how a person her age has so many nice things. My early and mid 20’s were all about hand-me-down furniture and used cars. 😂

  29. I agree with Sydney. I like that she glamorizes the little things, but it’s to the point where either she’s internally compensating for something or just buys stuff and returns it so she makes money off the links.

  30. Ugh this makes me sad because I just recently found her account and really like her so far! But I also really liked all the other influencers I ended up unfollowing ….

  31. Sadly, Blogilates. I loved her for so long, then I noticed more and more, she was just so obsessed with her body. She lost all that weight and would show pictures of her "before" and say how miserable she was, but always claiming it was this or that which made her so depressed.

  32. Me too, it makes me so sad how I think that I used to idolise her when I was at my most disordered. On the plus side her not-real-Pilates videos got me on to real Pilates, which I’ve seen real benefits from mentally and physically - so silver lining! It’s just a shame that she hasn’t moved on at all from the Tracy Anderson-muffintop-obsessed with being teeny tiny era she started in 😓 the delusion is strong with her

  33. I can’t unfollow Em Duncan lmao 😅 sometimes I still listen to her podcasts. Honestly I find it interesting to see someone who has such a different perspective

  34. Honestly, I’ll probably unfollow once she reveals the new guy. I used to like her when she was a nurse/fitness page, now, she’s so fake

  35. Josie hamming 😭 she is definitely my girl crush but she posts such cringey things…like the video of her inspecting her pubes (????) at the gym. The second an influencer puts a microphone on at the gym, I brace myself for the cringiest content.

  36. there’s a girl i went to undergrad with who has a fitness account and almost everything she posts is absolute buffoonery and she’s frequently hypocritical and ego lifts 24/7 while condemning ego lifting and edits quite frequently. i unfollowed her after i graduated but occasionally i go lurk. she’s never been on here despite deserving to be here but i don’t post her because she doesn’t deserve the engagement lmao

  37. Warrior Jessica for sure - I can't stand how she is blaming her weight gain on a "fat disease". Nah, she just ate too much. People would respect her more if she just admitted that, instead of spending so much $$ on pumps and wraps.

  38. Nicole Axelson ! Edit for context: absolutely insane how fast she gained weight and constantly posting about how much she loves her body now is like when unhappy couples post constantly. It’s a facade. Also I’m not buying fitness clothes from someone who makes it to the gym once a month now and doesn’t care what she puts in her body. ALL for eating what you like!! But it contradicts her mindset and “influence”

  39. Honestly a lot of the people frequently mentioned in this thread I have never followed but for the longest time this was Katy Hearn for me…. Finally was able to pull the trigger when she literally only reposted alani energy drink posts from her fans and promoting illegal drugs to everyone as if they r a cure all. (No shame if u do illegal drugs but that was just too much for me)

  40. This 👏🏽 don’t get me started on when I see how she writes chick fil a.. drives me up a freakin wall 😩

  41. Also a soft Katy Hearn. I don’t know why I still want to like her and sometimes I think I do until I remember who she chooses to be married to and she must hold most of his same views 🤮

  42. Definitely Sarah bowmar. She’s so rude, harsh and now that she’s been a mom for like 3 minutes she suddenly knows all things about babies and children.

  43. TRIXXY19, Sydney Adams, Sarahs Day, to name a few. I originally followed due to their relatability- Sarah first with wanting to live a healthier life, Holley for a nursing student, Sydney for wanting to get fit but now they are all so unrelatable. Everything about them is fake- their tans, teeth, extensions, lashes- minus Sarah for some of these. The amount of money I felt pressured to spend thinking it would get me that much closer to my goals is unbelievable. It is really disgusting. The amount of money that they spend and then “share their codes” to help their “followers save money” is ridiculous. Buying every pieces of expensive brands, the heavily filtered stories and photos. It is grossly unrealistic.

  44. Ally. I don’t follow her but I check on her to see what dumb bimbo airhead shit she’ll come out with this time.

  45. Has anyone else mentioned @mskye.fit?! 🙈😂 I’m sorry but I have an irrational hatred for that girl and everything she does. She is SO embarrassing.

  46. Beefcake_brina idk what it is but she’s my BEC like her story right now has a clip of her doing shoulder day and she pretty much always puts an emoji to block her butt which ok cool I get it but 3 slides later is her in a bikini showing mostly her ass and then the next post is her sharing a whole photo she’s posted of her ass I just don’t understand the logic but it’s not for me to get. But I think she’s gorgeous and envy her confidence and she posts informative shit.

  47. I am curious to know our average age. I am 51. So I wonder if it’s just this whole sm generation that we (I) don’t understand.

  48. I’m 51 too and don’t understand the need to put your whole life out there constantly but I do get sucked into the ridiculous of it all 😆😆

  49. Can I say all of them? Lol I literally hate that I follow these people, use their codes, watch their lives and make them rich but at the same time I cannot stop!

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