1. That is why I'm asking if it would even be possible. My thought was that maybe if it was loaded and then sealed inside the bullet, would that stop it from detonating inside the gun and delay it until impact.

  2. Tell me you don’t know how tannerite works without telling me you don’t know how tannerite works.

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  4. If you want explosive rounds you want an absurdly stable explosive, not one that blows up when you shoot it because, if you are following me, it blows up when you shoot it.

  5. Tannerite is ignited from kinetic energy (e.g. a fast moving bullet). Putting tannerite in a bullet/pellet and attempting to shoot that out of a gun will potentially cause enough kinetic energy inside that projectile when fire to ignite the tannerite. Then again, it may not. But, if it did you could be looking at a catastrophic failure. Heck, even if I tested it from a distance and pulling a string, that would only prove that it didn't go off THAT time. It could be that having the tannerite inside the projectile could diminish the kinetic energy when fired to be safe. But, unless a team of physicists were to do extensive testing and measurements to deem it safe - consider it a potential bomb.

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