1. AKs have a floating firing pin, there's no spring holding the pin back so just from the motion of cycling the round through the chamber you'll get a very light strike from the pin bouncing around under its own weight.

  2. No that's why I was so confused. Everyone's said it's just the free floated pin and that makes sense to me. I didn't understand how it had so many dents were in the primer without anything happening

  3. I've thought about it and I don't trust myself to remember to chamber a round when I hear a bump in the night. I wake up slowly after a full 8 hours, and that's a big fuck up if I were to forget

  4. Disadvantage to that is you're yelling stop and racking the bolt while he could now be pulling the trigger. That's why it's common (in the US at least) to carry with one in the chamber.

  5. Taking apart my wasr and found some light strikes on the chambered round. It's my bedside gun so I leave it loaded, usually on safe. There's about 4 strikes and nothing ever happened. Never noticed this before

  6. Free floating firing pin.. it happens.. you can get a upgraded one with a spring if you want but I wouldn't worry about it to much. Lots of rifles have these.

  7. I know about the pin on the sks causing catastrophic slam firing if it's not assembled correctly. That's kinda what concerned me with it happening with my wasr. Seems like its not a huge deal

  8. If you had cosmoline binding the firing pin of any free floating design that could happen. SKSes are known for it because people don't clean the cosmo out of the pin channel before shooting it. SKSes are the most likely firearm with a free floating pin to be covered in cosmo in the states.

  9. Since everyone else covered it, I'll add one thing: There are times just sending the bolt forward can cause the round to go off. I've seen it happen several times. In my day we called it a "slam fire."

  10. I used to have an SKS that would occasionally fire, whilst chambering a round... So just be aware and don't let the bolt slam forward unless aimed down range.

  11. A lot of rifles will leave an imprint on chambered rounds I've found. Not a massive deal depending on which rifle, AKs as others have mentioned may be a different deal.

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  13. OMG duuude so dangerous! Best thing to do is send it to me so I can't keep it safe! No worries I'll pay for shipping, I take safety seriously!

  14. If that's 7.62x39, i hope you're not using FMJ ammo for defensive use. You need yugo m63 or soft point/ballistic tip ammo to have good terminal effect. M43 (the most common 7.62 loading) is dogshit for killing folks. The projectile doesn't destabilize or fragment, just makes .30 cal holes. "Icepick" wounds.

  15. Hollow points. Got 1000 loose rounds in a steel ammo box from some guy in a garage a day before the russian ammo ban

  16. The twist rate for standard 7.62x39 doesn't help. You could run 1:15 and still have stable flight with the benefit of easier destabilization in media/tissue. They just used the barrels with the twist rate for the mosins and never bothered to optimize it. It will destabilize, eventually, but it isn't the rapid destabilization you need for good effect.

  17. So this was in issue while on various deployments. Which can eventually lead to an accidental discharge. I seen it happen once, not mine. You wouldn’t believe how complacent soldiers can be because most of them are there for a job that sounded cool. Honestly it’s safe to load a round at least 30 times. But in the long run you should rotate and clean your ammunition, yes in dusty conditions the brass gets dirty too carrying it everyday everywhere over time.

  18. Thats because AKs have a floating firing pin, so when you cycle a round you will get a light strike.

  19. Cheap guns do this. My dad has a shitty CETME that literally strikes the primer when you cock it, and his particular make has been known to misfire just from that. In fact, iirc I was at the range with it a few years ago and the fucking thing fired a round like that while I was using it.

  20. It's not "cheap guns do this" it's "floating firing pins do this". AR15's of almost all makes and models make a similar indentation on the primer.

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