1. I’ve noticed with the jobs that I have had so far. Employers will not give you a raise, but they are willing to hire someone else instead.

  2. For anyone who has the ability to leave Guam do so, the world is a big place. Best decision I've ever made, good luck.

  3. Lived on Guam in the mid 90's when I was still youngish, left because although I had a good job, it still didn't pay enough to ever buy a house much less rent a nice apartment. This was before the Asian financial crisis of 97 which caused Guam's real estate prices to dive, of course that was after I left. Before 97, tourism was booming and prices were stupidly high like they are now.

  4. You’re not wrong. Many politicians will do anything for the sake of their own family name even if it means that the island will suffer. That’s where, I think, the greed and corruption stems from. There is and always will be a lot of nepotism here. Being close to family and your friends is really a good benefit here, but very rarely do we get any benefits out of the wages that most of us make here. The only places that most people work at now are on base/exchange, the federal government, and the local government. These are the only places where I have heard they make comfortable amount of money.

  5. My parents owned washland that was in Harmon on Rt 16 in the 80s - 1997. Those who’ve been around the island around that time will probably know who I am or who my parents are lol. My dad moved his business stateside to open more coin operated laundromats through Southern California and ran those with my uncles until he passed away almost 10 years ago. They also wanted me and my brother to have easier access to universities.

  6. Professional growth in Guam stays in Guam. If you want to learn your craft and see a diverse set of experience its best to go to bigger ponds. Being a nurse leaving Guam is the best decision ever. I learned so much especially interacting with different culture. Honestly its a even playing field in the US. Surprisingly there is minimal drama unlike Guam, drama like natives versus immigrants or UoG grads versus non UoG grads. The world has too much to offer than being stuck in a small island.

  7. My grandmother (Chamorro) left Guam after marrying my serviceman grandfather. They traveled around and during the late 70's - 80's my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt returned and lived there for almost 10 years. They left to deal with my grandmothers divorce and intended to come back but financially it didnt work out.

  8. I moved in 2018 to SD because of the military. Moved back home because of military as well and will be going back to the states for our next duty station. I've also lived in the states while in elementary and middle school (also military).

  9. Because the drug crime on Guam is handled poorly, the pari system runs deep and family drama. I'll spare the details on the police because they're a joke, but long story short, when your dad makes the papers for something less than ideal reasons and your ex's mom writes the article for it, you know the place is too small and you need to leave.

  10. So many of us locals have the same question. People leave for better opportunities because there are simply very few here. My wife and I are very lucky to live on Guam and make 200K+ collectively, especially because neither of us comes from well-established (financially) families, so Guam is home and will continue to be home for as long as the Good Lord sees fit, but I completely get why people are leaving.

  11. Stateside born and raised, high school in Guam, returned to the states to take care of my grandparents. I can’t move back due to the medical needs of my son. Wish I could often though.

  12. Moved here for work, definitely not staying. Medical is a nightmare, legal system is run poorly, the government processes here are outdated, the surf community is unfriendly and immature (people want to fight people for being new, what in the actual @#$%), beach access is extremely limited unless you like trespassing, the public parks are not maintained (the bathrooms being closed indefinitely is ridiculous), the lack of creating better and safe beach access is disheartening, the homeless homesteads on most of beaches are unclean, unfriendly and have wild dogs everywhere, the operating hours of some of the places here are absurd and make it hard for people to enjoy. Guam could be amazing!! Unfortunately people here like it the way it is...and it's not nice.

  13. I’ve only lived here a year (civilian in medical field) but I could see why many people would leave just for better medical care. It has been a nightmare with the lack of resources combined with terrible management. Guam deserves so much better.

  14. Military. I hear the call of the island daily. I used to live up north where it was cold, now that I’m in Texas it isn’t so bad. No beach is the right beach.

  15. A friend of mine left the island. He is struggling stateside. Too embarrassed to return because he doesn’t want to look like a failure. He even had a chance to come back and make over $100k a year which is more than he has ever made but his pride got in the way. Also he felt that he was better being 1000’s of miles away from family drama.

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