1. dude my very first lobby EVER I messaged someone near me asking if I could fly it. they gave it to me. I got on, lasted a few seconds once I got to a decent altitude and was kicked from it and fell to my death. that was my introduction to gta online, circa 2019.

  2. That sucks. What a crappy thing to do. Hey, you want to go for a ride in my submarine? It goes really deep…

  3. As a low level I went to the casino found a guys mk2 flew it for a few minutes I was at the airport before k got kicked and landed on a hangar his mk2 went into the water as I was over the hangar by the entrance

  4. I had somebody ask me only DAD?, don't know if it was drinking and driving (since I had the beer hat) or death and destruction.

  5. Had a dude ask me this once. I let him. He flew it to his nightclub and parked it, then messaged me saying something like "hahaha sucker. I just stole your MK2OP"

  6. I did they seemed to enjoy it till a griefer MK2’d them and I chased and killed them cause I wasn’t about to let them get away with wrecking my modolsikol and griefing a 5 year old

  7. He or she may have dyslexia or disability not being mean, i am stating fact there is disabilities what affect speech and comprehension.

  8. I've been playing with someone for the better part of a decade and we do not speak the same language. We just use Google Translate.

  9. What’s worse getting the phonetic spelling close enough where it sounds like the word when spoken or spending a lot of time trying to understand what was typed? Pretty sure it’s the latter.

  10. Always funny letting someone ride it and when they are really high in the sky you kick them out of the vehicle

  11. someone was close to my mk2 so I killed him thinking they were going to bomb it, then I checked and saw they were level 19 or something

  12. I've been playing with an Arab guy, he was totally cool he could clearly speak English but had no clue about spelling. The fun I had by chatting to him. Eg Sniper was snajber in his spelling lol.

  13. I must be fluent in 5 year old, I read and understood that as if it was a completely normal sentence.

  14. I like to occasionally rip out a liberator, and drop it off unlocked for randoms to have fun in. Same with a rhino tank.

  15. Well let’s be realistic. I’m sure a number of the gta v community going “fucking motorcycle” every time they get tailed by the mk2 broomsticks…

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