1. Or could get the assault shotgun and don't even have to knock him down 3 to 4 shots he dead or just ya know avoid him

  2. Yeah, perico pistol worked as well. Two shots but most of the time he kills you by the time you reload the second one.

  3. Unless you’re on babysitting duty. I’ve found the best strat to play with my low level friends is to just have them wait at the start while I kill everyone that could possibly see us.

  4. I mean its satisfying to kill him. I expected him to be as strong as those juggernauts in doomsday but he is puny af.

  5. You say the SMG make is kinda op? Bro it literally killed him half a second before he was about to shoot, any other gun would have done close to the same.

  6. Lol that's kinda pointless. U can avoid him altogether or just get an assault shotgun or military rifle load out and he's down in a few shots. But I guess

  7. Umm... I tried all the weapons except shotgun and smg did more damage than the military rifle. They got alerted when I killed him with a military rifle.

  8. When we spawn after cutting the drainage grate, I kill the first guy a little above the stairs and then this heavy gunner is my first priority.

  9. I legit do a small burst on his head with the assault rifle and it works perfectly fine at long as I do the armor setup

  10. It’s so loud I always alert the guards after like 3 shots even with suppressors so I just avoid him at all costs lmao

  11. Shoot him when you're on the ground and make sure no other enemies are right on top of you, gunshots don't alert guards - impacts do.

  12. Idk if it still works or not but I always used to sneak up behind him and knock him out like any other guard 🤷

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