1. The TT's are not the problem, its the spawn points when you have to restart that need to be changed, no reason you shouldn't be able to respawn on the purple corona

  2. Here's me just learning that you can restart, rather than having to finish the route (and be late) then drive back to the start. Thank you...

  3. Oh no, lord. Do you want to tell me, that you have to drive in grand theft AUTO ???? Somebody should tell the world ....

  4. I just use Hakuchou Drag and drop down, easy -10 time and it doesn't even fall out of the bike when hitting the ground.

  5. Challenges are supposed to be challenging. Lol. People always crying when they can’t beat something with low effort.

  6. It's not the Trial, but where the start is in relation to the spawn. So just circling the parking garage for no reason instead of spawning up top.

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