1. I like to skydive and base jump, my favorite spot is a crack in the wall south of Cassidy Creek, north of Zancudo, theres a gap in there that is crazy tight and makes for a fun challenge to see how tight you can run it. I also have fun scuba diving and sometimes sailing a Marquis around the whole map.

  2. Take your moc and personal vehicle to the freeway above the strip club and block off the road. See how many cars you can get there all at once before they all explode/ disappear. Also call 911 for more fun.

  3. Today I got a little bored and found myself near Zancudo so I called in my dingy and drove it up the river rapids and waterfalls.

  4. You’re right. I like customizing cars and such, I sometimes chill out in the secluded areas of the map and mountain bike or do some off-roading, skydiving etc. I’m not a huge fan of pvp, I’m more of a friendly guy.

  5. Races both rockstar and social club created ones, 4WDing, making crazy outfits/clothes shopping , driving fun vehicles around like go-karts/blimps

  6. I just ask people if they need help with stuff. Honestly I have the most fun when I'm partnered with strangers... Not in heists though.

  7. Jump into the Khanjali (alone or with someone to man the machine gun or grenade launcher) and see how far you can get before the police finally blow you up.

  8. I like to drive around in my insurgent to pick up randoms to man the gun for me, then I drive around at full throttle while they shoot and we try to live as long as possible

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