1. That was a close one! Congratulations on making that delivery! That was one desperate griefer... By the way, I think you would be good just staying in the van and shooting the Sparrow down using the .50 cal. That Speedo is insanely good at defending itself, provided it's not a dive bombing jet

  2. That was an insane delivery drop off. That thing could have plunged into the water if you were a second too late. You did good OP, and fuck that little coward griefing you.

  3. I’ve said it before… I really don’t mind it. It adds some excitement. If they succeed I usually just quit the game and try again. If not, I get a clip like this.

  4. If this doesn't show that rockstar needs to make sell missions better and assure that people make there sell safely and not just grind for hours just to have it destroyed in seconds and don't know what does

  5. Especially considering this is arguably the easiest sale mission to defend, given no lock-on and armoured vehicle.

  6. I actually followed someone while telling them variations of that in text chat, though I was shooting like, 100% less bullets and missiles while doing so

  7. Gaming these days are more and more about profit. It's why I say that we peaked in the late 2000s.That being said, we still get amazing games every now and then.

  8. Shitty griefers be shitty griefers, glad you fucked him up though. It's funny that they always go for an easy target and not people that can wreck their ass. They just aren't good at the game, so they want everyone to suffer. It's their feeble little man syndrome that's kicking in. And it's really funny. Would be pretty funny to make a crew that hunts down and griefs the griefers. I would be 100% on board for that.

  9. I’m most impressed you hooked that van on your first shot. I’d be there for 5 minutes trying to get that to hook on.

  10. See, this is the sorta clip I like. Someone fighting back while doing a sale instead of just crying about it, it makes the game more fun for everyone.

  11. Not fun for the dude who has to spend every half second getting a pest off his back. Fun for the dolt who has nothing better to do I guess.

  12. I mean if I'm just in a van and the kids in an mk2 then you've got a reason to complain. Takes no skill to pilot or use. Same with most OP vehicles in the game

  13. Oh man, I had this exact scenario - cargobob delivery & everything, except on the 4th attempt he got me & the cargo fell into the sea. So the lil snotbag gets in my DM's to gloat like "Where's ur cargo now bitch?"

  14. And this is why armor is great for delivery cars since it can take a little more explosives to get rid of but good video

  15. I swear this looked like a Wile coyote and the Road Runner cartoon; every time, that stupid dumbass just dies then you go back to your goods, then he tries again and again.

  16. It's nonsense that griefers should get more than one life to grief you with, it can be relentless. They should turn passive to you for the remainder of the sale if you kill them in my opinion.

  17. I remember I had just gotten my first business and was figuring out how to do stuff and I was resupplying and on the way back somebody flew by in what an old plane with a bomb bay I cant remember which one but it used a bomb bay and not modern stuff like jets either way they somehow managed to miss almost every shot and the ones they did hit me with didn't even damage me enough to destroy the supplies it was hilarious

  18. That van does pretty well against other vehicles, i once was able to defend myself from 3 opressors during a delivery, you can hit then from far away so they dont even have time to try aiming at you

  19. Still waiting for the Explosive Cannons on Jets to be nerfed as part of the PvP rebalance they mentioned weeks go. Those are the worst enemies to our NC Sales. Atleast with Oppressors we are safe as the sell vehicles have lock on immunity.

  20. The problem with the og jets is that the lazer is balanced for a singleplayer game, and hydra is a carbon copy of that. The only plane with an explosive gun should be the B-11 with a massively nerfed agility and speed.

  21. That was some James Bond level shit. You absolutely destroyed that loser. I thought you going to screwed when he was behind you right before you got to the drop off but the cargo landed on the drop off and It was sold. That was pretty sick.

  22. no idea why but saturday and sunday (atleast on xbox) was FULL of greifers. its normally all calm and stuff but i was getting blown up every 5 minutes

  23. I groaned when I realised you had the Cargobob at the end. That was a pretty clean first time drag hook on the vehicle though

  24. This guy gives me Wile E Coyote vibes with that combination of persistence and utter incompetence.

  25. Good show. That last bit at the barge was a mail biter! From this, I learned to use other vehicles to chase away griefers instead of just chilling in my van!

  26. This is exactly why I dont bother getting the businesses you gotta do in public lobbys. I’ll stick with my Auto Shop and Agency where I dont have to stress with all that work lol.

  27. Bro that was fucking amazing, I love doing shit like this all the time just to bait out and embarrass the greifers but I can’t believe you still made that sale!!! GG man

  28. Nah, on my tik tok i killed a wanna be trhard that was only a level 36. No way they were completely innocent if they tried to obliterate a level one for no rsn

  29. I want to applaud you for doing everything right. But most importantly, you stayed aware. You had your map blown up and you were staying situationally aware.

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