1. The middle one of the exterior ones. I don't know why but my brain can't live with the fact, that it's not using the middle option of 3.

  2. Same. I used to have this "problem" where I constantly changed the camera again and again just to make sure I kept it on the middle distance

  3. I use this one too, but I feel like the camera is too low. I constantly have light pressure on the thumb stick so I can see what's happening in front of the car.

  4. Can we acknowledge the annoying angle of the exterior camera? I constantly have to adjust it while driving so that I can see in front of the vehicle

  5. For me its bottom left. Not too far not too close. Can see just enough around me to drive and steer perfectly.

  6. Totally!! Can see everything you need to avoid what’s about to hit YOU. Because in GTA you don’t hit things, things hit you. Every now and then first person is fun but not high or drunk (irl and in game). Talk about crashing.

  7. Using first person for driving on video games makes me question how it is possible that I've successfully driven anywhere in real life

  8. I like to go into the camera settings and change the camera view to "high" as well. I feel like it gives me even more visibility

  9. I think it's a Ocelot Pariah, you can buy it from the Legendary MotorSport site (1.42 mil) It's one of the fastest cars (I think it has the highest top speed, excluding the cars that have a boost)

  10. Bottom right usually, sometimes others depending on the vehicle or situation. Also having the menu option for high 3rd person camera when driving enabled. Makes it a bit easier to see traffic.

  11. I do love this view as well. Makes it so much more realistic and actually makes sense vs the interior view with no camera movement craziness

  12. I personally use 1st person 99% of the time, though I will pop to 3rd to occasionally land in a tight spot with a copter, or on a dirt bike when scoping Cayo.

  13. people who drive with the camera on the hood: I'm 4 parallel universes ahead of you ------ me who drives with the cinematic mode:

  14. Top left when I’m in the feels and want a pure driving experience, bottom left for everything else. BUT some vehicles like the Phantom Wedge require max camera extension, so bottom right. 75% top left, 20% bottom left, 5% bottom right.

  15. I've never been a #4 car. #2 was my goto for the past 10 years, at this point....but recently, yeah recently #4 is my top choice.

  16. I used to always do the 3rd farthest away one religiously but I tried the 2nd farthest away one one day and it was much better

  17. Furthest away so I can see more at once! I also play with my camera hightened in vehicles, so I can see over my car in 3rd person when going over hills.

  18. Top right. If I’m in one of those mindsets where I’m pretending it’s real and actually acting like a civilian, sometimes first person.

  19. I like the top right view. It simulates normal vision and peripheral vision quite nicely. Just enough to be able to see what's going on on your sides without having to turn your head

  20. bottom right is the way to go. You'll see more of your surroundings when youre rotating the camera in that view.

  21. furthest camera angle possible with the camera settings on high, then when I drive, I push the camera up. this gives maximum FOV when driving and racing.

  22. Mostly the middle of the exterior ones, but I've started to enjoy the closest exterior one when I'm cruising, too. Occasionally first person but it never lasts long as it jolts around so much.

  23. I need as far back as possible. And I'm still independently raising the camera up as I drive because it still lowers behind the car too much

  24. I keep my car at third person level three, aircrafts at third person level two, and first person for on the ground. Which happens automatically because of independent camera angles.

  25. Usually top right but for some vehicles the camera sits so low I'll go to bottom right. Deliveries with the postal trucks I'll get in the cabin in the narrow streets as it gives me a better view of what is directly in the way of the truck.

  26. I'm going to have to say number 4. I like seeing everything going on around me and if I'm in any other camera view it's a total disaster, i crash , I fumble, get total anxiety. I just can't do it 😭

  27. bottom left because it makes it easier for me to quickly hit the camera button twice to go to hood view to aim then hit it again twice back to third person

  28. i use first person mostly. my cousin sees me ripping around on the bati and is so confused how i can see where i’m going haha

  29. If I am chilling to Los Santos Rock Radio in the rain, first person is always my go to. But most other times its the most zoomed in or most zoomed out third person perspective

  30. I use 4 when im tryna admire my build while driving, which is 90% of the time, but for performance I use 3 or first person

  31. Number four + tilting the stick back for whatever reason. I feel like I cant see without doin that 😂

  32. 1st person depending on the vehicle and how blocked my view is. I find looking forward into turns makes it easier.

  33. Absolute immersion for me. 1st person all the way. No other way to do it in this game. All we're missing is a PS VR 2 version.

  34. Usually bottom left but some cars look too small with this option. Then I’d use to right. But for majority of cars bottom left. First person is cool but only if you don’t tint your windows, it’s difficult to see out the side windows.

  35. 3rd picture. It was cool playing the story in first person, and maybe to mess around if you're alone. Other than that, I don't use first person.

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