1. So what are some businesses that you could start with just $200? Well, depending on your interests and skills, you could start a number of businesses for that amount of money. If you're interested in starting a content marketing agency, you could start by investing in a domain name and web hosting, as well as purchasing some software to help you get started. Or if you're interested in starting a pet sitting business, you could invest in some basic supplies like food, water bowls, and leashes. There are also many online businesses that you could start for just $200, such as an online store or a blog. So there are plenty of options to choose from, no matter what your interests or skills may be. To learn more about side hustles and how to leverage your skills, try checking out

  2. You can start anything with 200$. A website with hosting, or even a web builder will fit within your budget. You may as well set up anything - right product for the right customers.

  3. Actually, almost anything that doesn't require a large upfront investment. Anything digital is a great candidate for it.

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