1. Get your self a nice weber. Folks have been finding some end of season deals at ACE hardware around my parts. If you get a $100 grill you'll be disappointed in the results and it will rust out in a year.

  2. Get a Weber. Genesis if you can afford it, Spirit if not. Sometimes there are great finds on Facebook Marketplace as well.

  3. For a first gas grill, totally a Weber Spirit. 2 burner if you plan on just cooking for you and one other person, 3 burner if you plan on ever grilling for a party.

  4. All of these suggestion are great, but for me this is more of a dream list than a first list. I’d highly recommend a char-broil tru infrared. The infrared plates work like a restaurant broiler, which I have a lot of experience with, and the effects are amazing. They aren’t built nearly as well as a Weber, but they last with a little care. Mines over 5 years old and going strong.

  5. Seconded. I had a 2-burger tru infrared for 11 years and it was fantastic to cook on. Other than some rust on the stand and a broken thermometer it was maintenance free and all the stainless bits were still good.

  6. If your house has LNG coming in, you can have it brought outside by a gas fitter. It is a game changer when you never have to think about propane.

  7. I was planning on buying a Weber, but they raised their prices this year on the E-330 and a lot of other models. However I stumbled upon Napoleon with a better warranty, and similar build quality for $120 less than the E-330. I don't know how amazing it'll be until it arrives, but that's just my thought process. Webers are great, but the price bump pushed me away.

  8. Weber makes a fine product, but for my money it is overpriced. I have the Char-Broil 3 burner Amplifire Commercial grill. It comes as a propane grill, but includes the necessary parts to convert it to natural gas if you want (I did). One of the best features for me is that it has special infrared grates that prevent flare-ups and grease fires. Granted, it is made from lighter gauge stainless than a Weber or Napoleon, but unless you plan on dragging it over rocks and dirt, it will hold up fine for many years. For $529 instead $819 for the Weber E-330 at Lowes I think it is the much better deal. They also make a 4 burner model for about $100 more if you need more room. If you go with Char-Broil, be sure to get the infrared model. The Performance series is cheaper, but doesn't have the special grates.

  9. Ever since getting my pellet grill, I have only used my gas grill as a griddle. Maybe you should consider a griddle instead of a gas grill if your smoker will handle high heat indirect cooking.

  10. I'm still unknowledgeable on the subject so please tell me if i'm wrong anywhere here. How I was planning on doing this was the gas grill for anything I wanted relatively quick: hotdogs, burgers, wings, steak. Gas so that it's easier to setup/clean so i'm more likely to actually use it.

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