1. Good ending: he only fed a small amount to the dog, who just got sick for a couple days and feels better now, and now he knows that it’s not good for dogs

  2. Yeah, he’s only upset because he was trying to find a substance he could slather on his cock to get the dog to suck him off. His work would be competed in 1894 by Marcellus Gilbert Edison with the invention of peanut butter

  3. Bad ending (and probably what happened): He tried again on a different dog, while executing a vivisection...

  4. My dog is a fucking tank. My brother keeps leaving doors open so it always gets into my room whenever we have chocolate. It has eaten ~700g in a few minutes and it wasn’t even sick at all.

  5. That and the Russian dog left in space, although that was kinda a no brainer (haha Russians bad!!!1!!1) you will live on in my memory and old Wikipedia articles

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