1. Yooper PSA: Tuck your jeans into your socks and then duct tape around the ankle area to hold it together. Also wear long sleeves and tuck your shirt in. Then hose yourself down with the strongest deet spray you can find.

  2. I recommend treating your hiking clothing in permethrin. You can purchase it at most outdoor gear stores in an already diluted solution. Use caution around small animals, particularly cats when it's first applied.

  3. There's some pre-treated options as well, I keep them in the garage since I have cats so there's not a potential for them to find or lay on them. Permethrin treated clothes make you legit invisible to ticks/mosquitos. I stood outside in June at night and had zero bites. Only mosquito bite I got was after I took them off indoors lmao.

  4. Kinda crazy to think, growing up in Michigan, ticks were a complete non-issue. It wasn't until traveling out of the state that I'd ever encountered them. Now they're all over in the state.

  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/gardening/comments/u4vl91/something_to_keep_in_mind_while_doing_spring_yard/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  6. I laid a blanket down and within 5 minutes there were armies of them crawling toward it. Found 6 on me later. This was in grand traverse county.

  7. I can second this! Buddy and I were up building a wood leentoo at his wooded property near Baldwin last weekend, ticks all over there! Remember, the bigger ones, that are out all over right now are wood ticks and they do not carry Lyme Disease.

  8. If ticks are getting more and more common out that way, be sure to read up on Lyme disease. Catching it early is key to getting it under control without long term effects.

  9. Though most around here don't spread Lyme Disease, Lonestar ticks spread something that makes humans allergic to Alpha Gal which is in all mamallian meat and some gelatin coated pills.

  10. I just purchased a cabin in the Reed city area. I have sprayed for bugs twice I am hoping to at least slow down this tick invasion.

  11. I’m a massage therapist 20+ years. I found and removed a tick from a client yesterday. If you do yard work or lay in the grass, find a “tick buddy” to check your skin.

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