1. Think a 60 degree is the right club. Clip the tree branches and drop straight into the bunker.

  2. I was thinking along those lines. Low chip shot with maybe an 8 iron, try to fly it just under the trees and land either the bunker hoping to bounce through or in the strip of rough just past it to kill the roll. If you’re short and in the bunker, that’s not awful. If you carry a bit far and roll through the green, that’s not awful either. But if you hit it just right, you can bore cart girls with that story for weeks.

  3. Yea just move the rake first. Would be horrible to get it through the bunker to get rejected by the rake. That would be my luck.

  4. Either keep it low and blade it 20 yards over the green or go through the tree which is 90% air and watch the ball bounce back at you into a worse lie.

  5. Five iron. , choke up. Ball forward on stance, swing easy, short follow through. OR. go right. Get it back in play then wedge up to green

  6. Putt that bad boy. Your going to blade it anyways when you try and use your lob wedge. Go for gold and grab that putter.

  7. If you cant hit a mother load flop shot over, hit the ball to the right of the right-most tree. Get the ball in play for a better chip shot. You're looking at 3 strokes from here anyway why make it stressful to be a hero.

  8. Probably try to play so it lands right in front of the bunker, it may bounce over, it may not, worse case would be a pretty easy bunker shot onto the green

  9. Low liner you ricochet off the left tree. Impact will slow it down so it lands soflty on the green right next to hole. Obviously.

  10. 5i back in your stance. Low follow thru, quarter swing, aiming for the back hump on the green. Should squirm through onto the green, worse case it goes over and the hump is your backstop

  11. First question you’ve got to ask is how did you get there. Miss is obviously short right or possibly long.

  12. Im convinced these posts are made so people can comment "skull my wedge and 6 putt to shoot 69 on the front" instead of giving an even remotely serious answer

  13. I can’t be the only one annoyed by these posts, right? Every other day there is a picture of a ball behind the trees, asking “what you hitting here?”

  14. Lay it up into the bunker. Then, take 6 strokes to get out and land on back of green. Then 3 putt finish. It’s a pro move that few can pull off.

  15. Honestly a pitching wedge into the trees is probably your best outcome. Play 30 yards past the hole and let the tree knock down the distance for you. Odds are, it won’t kill the ball entirely and you will be on the green or just past

  16. Pitching it over the right edge of that bunker with a 9i. Give myself a bit more of a landing zone while still giving myself a potential putt.

  17. I like a putt from there. Just hit it as hard as you can try to just barley miss the right side of the bunker.

  18. Getting up and down is nearly impossible.. so the aim should be try guarantee hole out in 3, with possible 2... I would take a 9 iron, back in my stance to keep it low, aim to land it at the flag, run out to the bottom of the hill at the back... Take the punishment.

  19. Line up a 60 to go over the top. Skull said shot hit the tree and have to jump out of the way as the ball flys back at me. Next shot will be from mich further away

  20. I'm doing an 8 punch bump n run, blading it through the branches getting a nice punch off a limb and landing 8ft for a 3 putt

  21. I’d try to hit a low little 3 wood and try to get the ball to roll through the bunker and smack the lip hard enough for it to pop out on the other side or maybe spill over onto the green.

  22. Love this post! Initially, my first thought is to hit a little bump and run, and really just hope I get lucky enough for it to not get hung up in that bunker. The idea would be this - hit a soft bump and run and hope that worst case scenario it stays in the bunker vs flying way past that green. Using a putter wouldn’t be out of the question! I wouldn’t really mind being in that bunker either tbh. Alternatively, depending on how tall those trees go, a nice flop would be the much more fun/entertaining shot. I think I’d prefer the flop if it was at all viable, but due to the risk I don’t think I’d try it in a tournament. Plus, on second glance, those trees appear to go pretty high..

  23. Attack the pin with precision. Honestly a hard enough putt might keep it just over the sand and a little past the pin. Might have a long putt after.

  24. Wedge over the trees, hit the branches and falls straight down. Top another wedge shot into the bunker. 1 shot to get out of the bunker. 2 putt into the hole. Finish another beer in the cart

  25. Attempt to flop it high, but of course pull back at the last second because you are traumatized at how many times you have skulled it 30 yards past the green, thereby skulling it. Pretend the green is 30 yards in front of where you want it to go. It's really consistent for me.

  26. 4i short follow through liner aiming at the far side of the bunker. The bunker is ok. Hoping for a roll out to the green.

  27. It’s a long putt. Hit a 4 iron hard enough to skip it through the trap. The goal is to hit it hard enough to get it through the trap. Low percentage shot, but it can be done

  28. Honest question, when people post under tree shots like this and ask what to do, I always see people say put the ball back in your stance. Now I’m not a great golfer, in fact not even good, so I play from under trees a lot. So much so that’s it become my best and most confident shot, hitting a low running stinger. I always put the ball forward in my stance and cut the follow through, can even hit a draw or fade from this position (which I can’t do even if I tried 100 times from a normal position and lie) so why should I have the ball back in my stance?

  29. That tree on the left looks like it might be short, I'd just take my lumps and go left side of the green with your highest loft

  30. At the rake seems to be the best line. I’m thinking 7i back of stance just try to carry it there, hope for some luck.

  31. Either the highest flop you can hit over the trees or a little pitch shot / bump chip with the intention of checking on the rough above the bunker and releasing onto the green

  32. Wood should keep it low under those branches, bank it off that tree behind the green for the shot of your life. Then four putt.

  33. I had this shot earlier today. Wide open 60 degree flop shot. At least that was the plan. Skulled and 30 yards right no more than 4 feet off the ground.

  34. The smart play is try and hit a low shot under the trees with a 6 or 7 iron. But what I would actually do is pull out the lob wedge and try to pop it over the trees, only to blade the hell out of it and end up on the other side of the green

  35. I started 10 months ago. The only birdie I have was on a shot exactly like this. Chipped a flat GW in and clipped the branches about a foot up and the ball settled 10 ft from the pin. (It was a short par 4).

  36. You’re gonna think I’m kidding but hear me out. Pull out your putter and hit the ball as hard as you can

  37. But actually, take your medicine. Play to the right in front of the green, or, if you feel savvy, play the large chunk of green/over the green a bit to the right of the pin. Either way, you’re probably chipping again, don’t make it a bunker shot.

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