1. For awhile now, 9 has felt too short and 18 has felt a little much. I probably should eat an energy bar in there somewhere.

  2. I prefer 18 but I am happy playing 9. Let’s me get out and back by 2.5 hours including drive time to do things with the wife and kids.

  3. We play extra holes so often now, we call it a quick 18 when we are only play one round. I can’t remember the last time I only played 9

  4. No I feel like 9 holes just cucks me so bad. The golf blue balls are gonna be real while I wait all week to get in 18 Saturday and Sunday

  5. I can play more 9 hole sessions than I can play an 18 hole session. It's not what I'd like of course but as my dad says, 9 holes is better than no holes.

  6. Absolutely. Married with a three and one year old. If I can squeeze in nine holes it is a big win. Love me some 18 with time at the 19th hole but those days are few and far between usually paired with time spent in the doghouse to make up for it.

  7. It really is a lot easier to justify two hours instead of four or even five hours if it is slow. I have a 5 and 2 year old myself.

  8. Yeah this time of year when twilight turns into a race against the sunset. I’ve finished a few rounds where the person not shooting will hold their cell phone flashlight on the ball for the guy hitting.

  9. I’d play nine if it cost half of what 18 does. Around here very few places even have a nine hole rate. Those that do charge about 3/4 of what 18 holes cost. Therefore, it’s 18 or nothing for me.

  10. Absolutely not. I hate it when people even mention “skip that slow group and play the next hole.”

  11. I think your mindset is just off. You’re focused on what you’re losing. Instead of ‘only 15 holes’, think of it as you still get to play golf. Maybe think of it as going out to play a serious 12, and if you get bonus holes in, great.

  12. We are members at the nine hole courses in town and when we were able to would play both on the weekends. Have a morning tee time at one, grab lunch and then an afternoon at the other. I grew up in the middle of nowhere ND so 9 holes is what’s around that area a lot.

  13. I have PTSD from playing a late round in high school with my teammates where I was -4 going into 15 and just ran out of light completely. I had already pushed it to where I could barely see the ball. It would have (and still would have been) my lowest round ever if I had par-d in.

  14. I was really close to packing it in after 9 last time out. Really wish I had because it got ugly at the end. I think a lot of golfers are stubborn by nature and like to finish what they started, no matter good or bad

  15. My back used to be so bad 9 was about all I could handle, with the exception of some scramble tourney's where I'd give up on hitting all of the shots if we had a decent one.

  16. I’ll play whatever, but 9 holes doesn’t feel like a real round to me. A good 9 always feels so unsatisfying because keeping it going for 18 is so much harder. Anything worse and I find myself wanting to play the back and turn it around.

  17. Personally, no. I want to play as much golf as possible. My mother, however, says that 12 holes of golf is her perfect amount of golf to play, so everyone has a different feel for it

  18. I usually only play 9. Between a 20-25 minute drive time to the course, and my insistence that I hit the range and the putting green before I play, I end up away from the house for a huge chunk of the day when I try to play 18.

  19. I can't stand playing less than 18 holes. It's like a barrier, I wish I enjoyed 9 or less than 18 as much. Always get anxious I'm going to go ham on 9 and not be able to finish.

  20. Fall and winter afternoon rounds are awesome. Play and score the first 9, then the race is on to see how many holes we can steal before the light vanishes. "Fuck it, let's circle back and play 11 again!"

  21. I play 9 during the week and I’m satisfied. I save the 18’s for when I can get the group together on weekends.

  22. Once in a while I'll walk Van Cortland Park. Holes 1-14 are together. Then 15-18 are up a BIG ASS HILL. Usually I won't bother walking up the hill. Even though there's two of the best holes on the course.

  23. I find 9 is tough. Either I’m having a round and want to see what my score will be, or I’m having a shit round and want to see if I can work out my problems.

  24. Sometimes I’m not satisfied with only playing 18! Typically I’m annoyed the rest of the evening if I don’t finish before it get dark!!!

  25. I just don’t have the time for 18. I’ll play 9 and then look to squeeze 2 or 3 more in if I can. I do leave feeling a bit unsatisfied though

  26. I do 2x 18 a week until the light goes in winter then it's 1x18 and 1x9. Fortunately my home course has both so it's not even half a full course, it's a dedicated 9.

  27. 9 at lunchtime is the way... Multiple times a week! And can still contribute to handicap adjustments if you so wish!

  28. 9 is better than no golf, 15 holes is better than 9, 18 is ideal. More than 18 is perfect. The more golf I can play the better.

  29. I personally don't think 9 should count towards handicaps, as I have a habit of cooling off or warming up through 18, be it 41--48, or 47-40. There's something romantic about 18, knowing you have a chance to play better, or the pressure you have to continue to play well.

  30. Try to schedule your tee time near or at the last booking. That way you can skip the holes you don't like at your local course or reply the holes you really like twice.

  31. I love to play 18 but I actually play more 9 hole rds. As long as I get to swinging those clubs and don't get rusty I am happy. I just don't have the time to play very many 18 hole rds. with work, kids, and whatever else comes up in life. Hopefully when I retire in about 20 yrs. I can play lots more lol!

  32. One of the reasons I get a membership is to feel less guilty about hitting a small bucket and playing 4-5 holes on a work night. Doing this not only helps add a ton of holes to my summer total, it also gives me a chance to focus on certain aspects of my game. I try to play at least one full round a week though.

  33. Never. Sometimes I start on the back 9 at my course, play the front and consider playing the back again.

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