1. As someone who works night shift and switches sleep schedule twice a week, this is the right answer. You're going to power through, it's the only option.

  2. I swear, good sleep, breakfast, coffee, stretching: 105 Hangover, veins feel like they’re made of lightning, 2 hours of sleep and a Busch light for breakfast: we’re breaking 80

  3. In high school I couldn’t sleep the night before a match and ended up playing my best round of high school somehow.

  4. if you were planning on walking I'd suggest taking the cart today just to mitigate fatigue a bit. Caffeine yes, but make sure you are also eating so you don't get all jacked up. Give into the delirium. You may hit a PR today. edit:type-o

  5. Literally only option. Caffeine won’t do much on no sleep. Adderall will make it feel like you slept 10 hours

  6. I have the reverse problem. I fell asleep early and woke up at 430. Can't fall back asleep. Got the exact wrong amount of sleep where you feel clumsy and groggy.

  7. Played last Sunday hungover as hell on 3 hours sleep and shot my first bogey free round. I hated every second of it but it was a nice consolation.

  8. I did the same exact thing on Thursday night. It’s incredibly lame but If I’m excited I can’t sleep. It’s like a kid on Christmas

  9. Is this booze related. If not, coffee will save you. If it is , you’ll need something stronger, can I suggest cocaine?

  10. You will shoot your PB today and for all future rounds you will be Sgt. Sticious rolling on no sleep to repeat your PB

  11. Happens to me too because I have bad anxiety before golfing. Not about people watching but just that I’ll feel panicky or sick and won’t be able to play. Always in my head too much

  12. Ride it out and shoot a pr. Coke or speed if you've got it, keep drinking but pace it right. Get McDonald's breakfast on your way to the course, cart.

  13. Stop being a baby and power through. One time after working my night shift, I drove 3 hours to Tahoe and went snowboarding all day with friends, drove 3 hours home, and had a nice mini coma

  14. It’s it’s because of cocaine and alcohol the only way I know how is to do more cocaine unfortunately. Otherwise I get hungover by hole 3 and won’t be able to finish. Not good or something I advise. If it’s because you couldn’t sleep for other reasons then just drink energy drinks and maybe do cocaine

  15. This was me a couple months ago when I decided to drop acid for the first time in my life at 7pm

  16. Buy beer or alcohol when you get the to the course if you stayed up all night partying. If you didn’t stay up all night partying and you posted this please surrender your man card. You’re a pussy.

  17. My brother and I call this delirium golf. Some of, and my best round ever, have come from this. Shoot everyone an update. Bet you killed it.

  18. Well I don't want to say it but I would only be up that late for one reason and I'd say keep doing it until the end of the round

  19. I’m late to this post but I’m a night owl and usually on some type of stimulant, whether it be coffee or adderall, so I have experience with the whole “fuck I can’t fuckin sleep”. I recently discovered the 4, 7, 8 breathing technique, and it honestly has worked wonders for me. 4 second deep breath through the nose, hold for 7 seconds, exhale for 8, repeat. As I do this I try and relax my body from the feet up by literally imaging each part relaxing starting with my toes. I’m usually asleep within 3-5 minutes (give or take). Hope this helps!

  20. liquor!!! thats your best bet, ppl have liquor on the green, O and maybe a litl green to, dont forget the starbucks, nit to worry a doctor would prescribe a stimulant and a depressant to find your chemical embalance, but liquor will take the edge off, coffee will give you power, the grass, well remind you youre tired, and will probly have to skip a hole or 2, try and make it thru 4 atleast smh

  21. Now I’m just freestyle responding to y’all, par three/ executive course so the PR is kinda out of the question, maybe some bird dogs and a couple parskis to make it sweet?

  22. I was pretty much thinking the same. One of my all time best rounds was after a all nighter without a wink of sleep.

  23. In addition to caffeine, as others have mentioned: I’ve found ketone esters to be really good and providing sustained energy land boost endurance. No jitters and combine well with caffeine.

  24. I would have slept for 2 hours, gotten up, showered, drank some coffee, and roll up five before the tee time. A little sleep is better than no sleep at all.

  25. Super-hung morning for me requires a bagel with cream cheese, banana, a big glass of water, and 10 high noons (or similar vodka soda style drink)

  26. Grab some kind of energy drink for later and go to the course now and sleep in your car in the parking lot or nearby.

  27. Go to sleep its just 1 round. Unless this is a once in a lifetime round then go slam some rockstar and power through it.

  28. I've done this and it's absolute horrible golfing. At this stage in your sleep deprivation you will have horrible hand to eye coordination and impared motorskills.

  29. I would suggest you not play. Sleep deprivation, heat, exertion, and maybe dehydration is like the perfect cocktail leading to death.

  30. Do not drive. Seriously, I have done this a few times, this one time I went to sleep for a couple of seconds on wheel. Scariest experience of my life, never doing this again.

  31. Don’t gotta wake up early if you don’t sleep. Keep that party going, play like shit. Then knock the fuck out when you get home.

  32. You can make it through the golf. The question is what do you have to do after? If the answer is anything other than sleep, then you are fucked.

  33. My best two rounds in the last month was on 90 mins of sleep. The fatigue keeps you from overthinking. Don’t pound energy drinks all round and you’ll be fine

  34. Don’t do it don’t go especially if going with friends you will hit shitty and be shitty. Hands down the worse thing I had ever done and to top it off was for only 9. Call and cancel and he’ll be honest why they will understand.

  35. Instead of wasting your time on Reddit or trying to go back to sleep, get up, drive to the course, stretch, putt, chip, get a bucket and arrive 10 min before your tea time. Grab a scoring card and have a look at the holes if theres a map of the individual holes.

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