1. Good deal. :) It's spider season here and we have lots of spiders. I saw two huge garden spider nests near the wildlife ponds. So many babies. Looking forward to seeing those beautiful spiders in the yard. Hopefully not in the house. For some reason we get Parson spiders in the house. I use a fish net and take them outside.

  2. I’m on the south coast of BC and we’ve had so many bugs this year. My sage plant was absolutely vibrating with bees this year. It was nice to see.

  3. I have a crazy amount of garden spiders. But I also have seen no bees and we have flowers outside

  4. Asiatic garden beetles have eaten most of my native plant seedlings to the ground. :( I’m ordering milky spore (a targeted bacterial agent) to deal with them.

  5. I know on nextdoor people won't shut up about how effective the mosquito spraying company they hired was. It kills flies too!

  6. Maybe up the street but not the neighbors next to me or across the street. We had two bee keepers on the street who sold their houses a few years ago and those hives are gone. But I still saw lots of bees for a couple of years after that happened. I think I've seen only a couple of bees since Spring. I'm genuinely concerned and don't know if this is just a fluke or a sign of really bad things to come. We live next to a park that spans for miles if that makes any difference.

  7. A new mosquito control effort was just released this year, which contains no pesticides. The male skeeters are genetically modified and carry a gene which causes their offspring to die when the genetically modified males mate with wild females.

  8. They came by my house a few weeks ago and said like 50 of my neighbors had signed up and pointed to a spiderweb and acted like it was horrible. I honestly wasn’t even thinking about my pollinator garden when I told him to leave but if they come back I’ll probably give them an earful. My neighbor isn’t the type where a ton of people would be signing up for this shit so hopefully his number was made up.

  9. wait, how do these mosquito spraying companies operate? Do they spray your garden with some kind of pesticide that kills everything?

  10. My mom’s been meaning to call one of those companies because of how badly I’ve been bitten by mosquitos this year, thank you for commenting this. Just texted her to tell her I’ll suffer the consequences of the mosquitos if it means keeping my little flighted friends around

  11. I hadn’t thought about that when I was speaking to a new pest control company. Suddenly it occurred to me that it might kill more than mosquitos. Stick with house only as I can’t handle the BIG cockroaches!

  12. Same here. More neighbors spraying than last year but those morons don't realize all these spraying companies do their shit in the morning and afternoon.... When the pollinators are working!!

  13. Ugh they used to spray my old community every week when i was a kid. It took several years after they stopped before the fireflies started to come back

  14. Usually I see bees on the clover, thyme and oregano when they flower. Didn't see any but thought once the Milkweed flowers I would see them. But as you can see- no bees. I've never had a year without tons of bees so this is very unsettling.

  15. This was bothering me as well. The bees finally showed up within the last week. But only a couple hummingbirds, and we usually have at least 10+ of those. I'm in Tennessee, US.

  16. When spring trees are in bloom the bees tend to focus on them. They return to perennials and shrubs after trees are done. Our blooming trees in CT were delayed this year because of the late spring but in the past couple of weeks have finished and the bees now have come back to my yard.

  17. Did you not see any even a month or two ago? We are in florida and up until idk maybe 3 weeks ago we had tons but now with this insane heat, plus the lack of summer blooming plants we have in our yard, theyve basically all disappeard

  18. One possibility is they’ve found some other plant they like nearby and are focusing there for awhile. Have you checked out the parks and trees around you? There were a few weeks here that I didn’t see any bees at all, got worried, then realized they were all over the small leaved lime trees that are around my neighborhood. Those trees just finished blooming and the bees are back in my yard in force.

  19. Beekeepers in my region talked about how in the last year they lost a significant amount of bees due to a sickness (if I remember correctly) . The unusual weather is also affecting nature here. Maybe you can look around you if this is also the case in your region ?

  20. I've had something similar happen to me this year. But now that it's 100 degrees in central texas and the Pride of Barbados and Esperanzas are flowering everywhere, there's bazillions of pollinators.

  21. We have not had much in the way for flying insects until about this week. We are in 10b socal. Our neighborhood is mostly old people who love to spray toxic chemicals. We do find dead bees but even less of those than normal. We brought up to our landlord that we garden organically and they love the idea. They have banned pesticides from the property. The surrounding neighbors still use pesticides and herbicides though. It sucks.

  22. You need to organize any sympathetic neighbors and at least try to get any neighbors using mosquito services to stop. Maybe some people didn’t know. It’s a teachable moment. There are alternatives to the fogging/spraying.

  23. We just moved into a new house this winter and I was delighted when spring came and an old, fallen tree on our property turned out to be full of honeybees! The fence guys we hired, not so much. I nearly had to hold a grown man's hand as he kept muttering "those will fuck you up" while installing our fence near the hive..

  24. Keep working on your hubby. My hubby has totally changed his view on wildlife and pesticides by watching me. It is nice that sometimes you can influence a person by just showing them a different way. :)

  25. I’m curious about what region/state you’re in, too. We’ve had quite a few bees, etc in SE Michigan (although I haven’t been here long enough to know if it’s less than previous years).

  26. This makes me sad to hear. We bought our home at the end of 2019 and had the yard leveled and regraded with Bermuda put down. In doing so we had a lot of space to fill with plants. I’ve done everything in my power to plant only plants that are bee, butterfly, or hummingbird friendly and a lot of those have been native to our Southeast area. I’m converting the 140ft by 10ft area outside of the fence with strawberry and white clover with plans to eventually try my hand at native wildflowers and milkweeds. We also keep a garden and have planted blueberry bushes, grapes, a peach tree, and a Russian pomegranate bush around the property.

  27. Beautiful native garden, I’m very impressed! Mine is a similar size and diversity. I’ve seen a fair amount of bees, but slim to no butterflies or caterpillars. Usually I would have plenty by now. I haven’t seen a single monarch either, and my milkweed is in full bloom like yours.

  28. I noticed the same thing and someone was saying it's a lack of water for the buggos. I put a bunch of rocks in the bird bath and boom they're back. I didn't know but pollinators can't get water out of a hole like that. They need the rocks

  29. It's pretty scary I saw a drop in insect wildlife over the last 3 years. 😐 My mum was looking to see if she could buy bees and just let them do their thing on the farm. Not keeping and harvest honey just encourage more bees and pollination on her farm.

  30. She should look into creating more natural habitat for solitary native bees. Uncovered soil of different types are great for ground nesting bees, and leaving 12in of stem up on perennial plants with hard or reed-like stems helps cavity nesting bees. There are also bee houses for solitary bees, but you have to be careful with those as they can end up being unhealthy for them if you don’t get ones that can be sanitized and overwintering bee cocoons harvested. Crown bees is a good resource for learning about appropriate nesting material, But I don’t recommend buying bees from them unless you have a specific need for them. There are probably already native bees In your area you can help. Planting more native flowering shrubs/trees is a great idea too. I planted a few redbuds for early spring flowers, plus some native viburnum and ninebark shrubs.

  31. I have a garden and a grape gazebo in my backyard. I used to see a lot of cute bumble bee butt, I did not see any bees this year in my backyard. I am so worried my grape cannot fruit without bees. 😿😿😿😿

  32. We have a grape arbor too. I am going to check it out for bees. And for the first time ever our pear tree has only a couple pears. We usually get tons of pears. Very strange.

  33. I’ll send some on from my house—we have bees for days! Between the clover and flowers, it’s bee city over here. I hope they show your way soon!

  34. Here in the PNW, summer literally JUST started yesterday. It’s been overcast all the way up until now. That being said, I think we’re seeing a drastic change in weather patterns, and once those even out a bit I believe bees will come back to regions like yours. Because like a bunch of other commenters said, they’re abundant at my house here. Even in the overcast. I have rhododendron and lavender bushes and native plants galore and I would see actual 100s everyday. We’re also dipping our toes in beekeeping and plan to put 4-5 hives on the back of our property so at least maybe our neighborhood can stay afloat. So have a little faith that other people are picking up the slack.

  35. I'm seeing something similar. I've grown milkweed in my front yard for the past 3 years and in all that time, one tiny caterpillar that probably got eaten. This year in my back garden, my plants by the fence have almost no flying insects around. Occasional dragonflies are hunting whatever remains. I've mostly seen sweat bees and hoverflies. My peppers and tomatoes are all struggling for pollination. They dropped an entire first flush of flowers due to failure, and are only doing ok now because I'm hand pollinating them. I see a bumblebee maybe once a week, and I can't recall the last time I saw a honeybee on my property.

  36. Idk where you’re located geographically.. I’m in Southeast Texas, been working on my garden for just about 2 1/2. I’ve seen so much activity this year. Idk if that makes you feel better lol maybe somethings going on in your surrounding area as others suggested but the bugs are out here. I also have an abundance of frogs and birds. Am I Snow White? Maybe.. Sorry you’re not seeing activity.. I notice more bugs on the things I’m growing from seed vs the stuff I planted from the store. I’m more writing this to help with your fear cause it could be an off year. For example, almost nothing touched my milkweed so far. It was devoured last year. Who knows?! Just keep planting and observing. Your garden looks great!

  37. Had a lot of bees when it started to warm up collecting pollen from the hundreds of dandelions in our yard. Neighbors complained (not Karen level) our grass was getting too long. I explained why they are pivotal for bees in the early spring. We both had long grass for a while. 🌈 The more you know!

  38. I'm in N. Illinois and it has been terrible this year. Almost all my pollinators have been flies. Virtually no bees or wasps. This time last year I had photographed at least a dozen Hymenopteran species.

  39. I’m in Northeast Pa and the spiders, bees, mosquitoes, birds and especially gypsy moths have been crazy this year. The Gypsy moths have literally strip the leafs off most of the trees at my house and have laid their rock solid little turds everywhere. Even my chickens won’t eat em. The bees have been everywhere so I guess that’s a good sign and for the first time in my life found a European hornet on my light outside, which I don’t think is a good thing as they can be aggressive

  40. Glad you are having a good year with bees- sorry the Gypsy moths are stripping your trees. We had some a few years back attack our cherry trees but haven't seen them since.

  41. I keep bees and still rarely or never see them on anything. I've been very lax about trimming the yard lately so I expected the clover blossoms to be buzzing non-stop, but I rarely ever see any bees. I can only assume that there is something else that they prefer to collect blooming nearby. Mountain mint is starting up now so I hope that they will go to town on it. Usually that is the place to be when it is blooming.

  42. That is so nice of you! I think they have a better chance of surviving if they stay with you though. Would love some pics or a thread about them. :)

  43. Make insect homes, those little blocks of wood or sticks with hollow centers cut into rounds. They attract the solitary pollinators. If you Google bee house or insect house you can find a lot of suggestions.

  44. Thanks for the great advice. I added a Mason Bee house this year and in two corners of the yard I have some wood piles for the bugs and critters. I have a bunch of bamboo sticks I am not using. I will cut them and place them in the wood piles. :)

  45. Yes- it could and thanks for mentioning it. We started out in May with temps in the 90's and have reached a hundred degrees a couple times since. Our lawn is now brown due to how dry it is even though we are not technically in a drought. Usually we get dry spells in August like you. I put in some small wildlife ponds because I got tired of putting shallow containers of water out for the critters. And those little ponds are getting used very frequently by the birds and critters right now. I dusted off an old bird bath and placed it in the yard today due to how dry it is. Spent over 5 hours the last 3 days watering plants and trees. I am letting the lawn go dormant though. It is dry and crispy looking.

  46. Same here! Ive only seen a few bees but we did have a really late coldsnap. I'm starting to see more as the days go by. Last summer they were everywhere but the year prior they also felt few and far between.

  47. We have a lot of clover on our lawn and have had an absolute TON of bees (and bugs, and fireflies) in our yard this year. Then again, mosquito spraying is really frowned upon in our neighborhood so maybe we just got lucky with that.

  48. I had bees make a hive in my sidewalk and responsible neighbors called to have them shifted, but that was before serious heat. Also this year I have seen more monarchs than I have in two decades, that is to say two.

  49. Guarantee you it's a spray pesticide like MosquitoShield or something similar. Even if they're a block away it can still kill stuff in your yard

  50. I posted the same elsewhere. I’m used to seeing them regularly including bumblebees. My flowers have come and gone and there’s nothing!!!!

  51. Yeah, i started noticing this several years ago. We have fucked this planet good and not in the warm wet way. i used too so many cool insects in my yard. It's sad.

  52. I'm in the Houston area, and we have tons of bees and bumblebees. Not so many butterflies this year. The fire ants are even scarcer than usual. It is weird when the changes are noticeable.

  53. Side note: may I asked where you got your Asclepius tuberosa seeds? It's my favorite plant because it was so bright orange when I was a kid. I don't see any more plants at my dad's place, and I bought seeds, but they are much paler. This is the last one I saw. Not sure why they disappeared.

  54. I bought the plant and over the years have given seed pods to friends and they have grown plants with them. I have a bunch of new ones growing in the rocks from seed so the plant is prolific. If you are in the US remind me in a few months and I will send you seed pods for postage.

  55. Got a card in my mail informing me that one of my neighbors had their property sprayed. Yuck. I’m seeing some bees this year which I’m happy about. IMO if you are the only one with natives and all around you arent - it might be a challenge. Bees traverse a large territory. Don’t give up!

  56. "Bees traverse a large territory." That's a very generalized statement for a huge group of insects. For many species of bee, your statement is simply false.

  57. I have bees, wasps, and flies in abundance this year, but zero butterflies. I had a Chinese mantis infestation last year that killed pretty much all of the butterflies I had, so I think they’re afraid of my garden now. :( Hopefully I can get them back eventually by keeping the mantises in check.

  58. Same here- lots of pollinator plants and not much action. My tomatoes aren’t getting fertilized. No one around me uses mosquito killer…

  59. And I'm not intending to downplay your Troubles. Some years are abundant, and some are slim. But the USA has every agriculture ground available

  60. Only a couple of cabbage butterflies that fly past. Haven't seen any on the plant this year. Not a butterfly or a bee. :(

  61. We had almost no butterflies last year but tons of bumblebees. This year, tons of honeybees and butterflies, but barely any bumblebees.

  62. I would bring this to the attention of your local ag station, garden keeper, or university professor in a relevant field. They get information like this a lot and may be able to help you find the source of the problem. Definitely eerie - I’d love to know what’s going on.

  63. I've had lots of bees (honey, bumble, and native) in my garden but no butterflies or caterpillars. I'm hoping that's because all my milkweed was wiped out last year and I had to replant. But we are in the middle of a massive extinction event. Something like 70% of bug biomass has disappeared worldwide over the last 50ish years. It's honestly terrifying.

  64. Our honey bees are almost nonexistent in western pa this summer. The other pollinators are working but honey bee are not here.

  65. I’ve got a mason bee house with about a quarter of the holes filled. Perhaps your garden might benefit from having something like that.

  66. My house tooooo many!!!!! I can't take a step without one under my foot and one in front back and sides. Little honey bees. My neighbor on the other hand, she has only seen one carpenter bee. I think they are out there. I want a napisery. Bees pollinate in a 25 mile radius and I love honey. My hubby has allergies which local honey help him

  67. Local universities usually have lists. You can google the plant to see if it grows natively in your region (usually Wikipedia is good for this). Also, googling native ( Your State) perennials has been super helpful to me.

  68. I have noticed the same problem. I turned my front yard into a pollinator garden and I have had nothing as well. I was really trying to figure out what I did wrong.

  69. I have plenty of honeybees this year, and not so many bumblebees. But what is really odd is that I had tons of carpenter bees, and more bumblebees last month and now all of the carpenter bees have gone missing, and about half of the bumblebees have left as well. I blame the very odd weather, it was 58 degrees the other night, and it has been mainly in the 70s here, normally it would be much warmer this time of year. (My sincere apologies to all of you in the heat wave, up in the NE we just aren’t seeing it!)

  70. I’m in St. Louis and nothing in my garden is setting fruit despite being full of flowers. We used to have a 3 acre field behind us, but the tore it up and put 6 houses there in the last few months. Maybe there’s some large developments near you?

  71. I have a beautiful garden similar to this and I haven’t seen a single bee. I don’t use an spray either. I have see a lot of wasps around the house.. I was wondering maybe the wasps scare the bees away?

  72. I'm in Ontario and also have barely seen any pollinators this year :( I'm out here hand pollinating my veg.

  73. In Plymouth County MA we have spray-on-demand, just call the number! No mosquitoes, no butterflies, no dragonflies, no fireflies, no moths, everything is dead, that's what the people want!

  74. This is climate change and other exacerbating factors causing an insect/pollinator collapse. Bad times are indeed ahead. I'm sorry that I can't give you any real comfort. I'll also probably be downvoted for being such a "downer" or "doomer", but the same science that helps me be a good gardener is the same science that says that this is happening.

  75. Buy the bugs you need for your garden each year. That's what I do cuz of pest control in the area. It kills the good bugs too so I look online or local nursery for my bugs.

  76. Do you have wild or milkweed like on roadside. Or even have fancy milkweed. Mine don't like the orange one you have. I've raised and released hundreds of monarchs from egg thigh when they hatch and fly away

  77. Just wanted to contribute some info about monarchs specifically! It probably doesn’t apply to your situation but maybe good general knowledge for others reading.

  78. I had literally thousands of bumblebees in my garden last year because I grew balsam impatiens which they go crazy for. Their collective buzzing was so loud we had to shout over it if we stood nearby. This year I’ve barely seen any.

  79. I’ve got plenty here in CO! Saw a super chunky caterpillar crawling on a sidewalk last night too.

  80. I haven't seen as much either! I have seen 1 bee and 2 butterflies. I thought maybe its too early? Or the heat? Or lack or rain? this is scary. :(

  81. I was thinking it was just us but this year I’ve noticed SIGNIFICANTLY less pollinators in my garden, too.

  82. Haven't seen that many honey bees by me but the native bees have been intense this year! Which is really all I'm concerned about. Kind of weird how much people worry about an invasive species. The invasive I'm worried about this year is the Spotted Lanterfly, those disgusting things are EVERYWHERE this year. Only saw a handful of adults last year, now I'm in nymph city

  83. In NYC, our milkweed and native flowers gets visited by bumble bees and smaller blue bees and Mason bees but we still haven’t seen many butterflies. A few cabbage butterflies but not a single monarch has visited so far, and only 1 Black swallowtail. At least there has not been much mosquito spraying around us that I’m aware of, but it is early in the season still.

  84. Black swallowtail caterpillars ate my asparagus to the ground, tons of Monarch eggs on my milkweed, mantis everywhere, lady bug nymphs and adults…but I haven’t seen actual butterflies or many moths. It’s been extra cool this year up north so I think things might be a bit behind but not totally disastrous. Just keep planting.

  85. I'm in Nova Scotia and there's a noticeable absence of insects this year. Luckily I have bees in my rosebush but last night it was so quiet it was creepy. Not a single wing buzzing

  86. Last year, the monarch caterpillars seemed to have an average mortality rate with only maybe 5-10% moving on to éclose successfully (I tend milkweed, but don’t read the cats in nets or any major intervention). I think the wasps had such a good season feasting on them last year, that this next generation has even more of a threat.

  87. I work at a retail plant nursery in northwestern PA and plants that should be covered with bees have none. Also have a large winterberry at my house, no bees.

  88. I just moved from MA to RI (like literally 10 min away) and have two open acres, tons of clover, flowers, and flowering trees shrubs, and have only seen one honey bee so far this year. We were excited thinking we'd be able to catch a swarm this year (because we didn't have time to buy bees due to moving), but nope, haven't even seen them in the yard. Weird

  89. I’ve got bees galore BUT the butterflies just aren’t here in N. TX. I normally would have tons of swallowtails and gulf fritillaries but zero. It’s the oddest thing

  90. I have nothing but swallowtails right now 😂😂 Giants, Blacks, and pipevines. I even have a gulf fritillary caterpillars finally! Monarchs are usually the ones that I don’t see until late summer sometimes. I’m in Houston south of you

  91. I have bees living under my house, they go through little holes at the side of my door and they are in and out all day roaming my garden. Definitely haven’t noticed them much being out and about but in my garden there are many. Not so many butterflies or spiders. Was saying to my partner last night because the house we are in now was my mums house and there were spiders all the time, huge ones and now there are none. Like zero. We get the occasional tiny tiny ones but seriously wondering where they all went. I don’t particularly miss them lol but it does worry me that are just gone.

  92. Due to climate change (temperature changes in some areas, seasons starting/ending later than usual, different weather patterns), a lot of insects are struggling compared to previous years. I'm most familar with butterflies, but this is observed in a lot of other species as well.

  93. You are very brave. Thank you for your service, taking care of wildlife and caring about the environment. Lol i honestly get scared thinking about any and all insects. And spiders! Oof. I scream like a banshee. Y'all who deal with this kind of stuff should be appreciated more because i know they are important to the experiences of all life on this Earth...even though i hate insects.

  94. You see monarchs more, later in the summer and fall. Depending on where you’re at I just might be really hot right now. By the way, that’s actually the invasive species of milkweed, not the native one.

  95. I do notice that there are less insects than last year for sure. I also live in zone 6. Albeit, I have a smaller garden than yours and half my flowers still need to bloom. I do see cabbage white butterflies frequently in the least. I have seen a few other pollinators but they're very sparse and few in between.

  96. It's well into June and I just started seeing butterflies in my area. Helps that my lilies just started opening up. I've been learning to love nature more and it's made me sad to not see little bees and butterflies flying around. I refuse to use pesticides, but that doesn't mean others around me don't use them......

  97. I am in the UK and I never like to eat outside in the summer because of wasps and flies. This year I was forced to go on a picnic and I noticed no flies or wasps bothering us. That scared me.

  98. In 2020 there was a huge boom in wildlife up at my home in Alaska, tons of squirrels and rabbits when I hadn’t known any even lived in the area beforehand, moose every other day with their babies, more birds than I though could exist in one place, and after that year everything went back to static silence. It really is horrifying to get a glimpse at what the world SHOULD look like, but can’t because of us.

  99. In VA and have only seen 2 caterpillars, no butterflies, and only a few bumblebee, no honeybees. I have two native plant gardens for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It’s quite concerning. I’ve seen no monarch caterpillars eating the milkweed from that garden.

  100. Scary for local situation; on the plus side bee populations have, globally, been on the rise. Let's hope that continues

  101. Oh just thank Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer - I refuse to spray anything anymore. With the death of insects, bees, butterflies and caterpillars - robot pollinators may be our only hope! Please Obi-Wan - you are our only hope!

  102. Controversial comment for a different perspective: I have my yard sprayed for mosquitoes. I've tried all the other options but there is a little forest and creek right behind my yard where they breed so there's not much I can do about the sample breeding grounds there. The company I use does not spray anything that is blooming. They do not spray the grass/ weeds in the mowed portion of the yard. The chemicals sprayed are 100x more toxic to mosquitoes than to bees so they are able to use lower levels of it to target mosquitoes and not bees. There are lots of flower beds in the yard.

  103. Has it been a rainy or chilly start to the year for you? Or really hot? Extreme weather can make an impact on insects. We miss a lot of guests when. We aren't in the garden as well.

  104. That japanese beatle in your last photo is relatable. It's mostly what my plants attract as well.

  105. Reading this thread makes me grateful to live in a state with abundant bees and pollinators. I’m seeing more bumblebees and other native bees in my pollinator garden than ever before.

  106. I have all of these plants as well plus more and haven’t seen any bees or caterpillars.. it’s saddening and scary.

  107. Just a heads up, there's a japanese beetle on your milkweed in the last shot. You'll be very sad if those get out of control.

  108. I've seen a few bumble bees, but the honey bees are MIA. Haven't seen any yellow jackets yet, but those little pricks always show up eventually.

  109. Central CT here- more bees than I’ve seen in a decade. Very encouraging to see for us. Way way less spiders than usual

  110. I'm in Las Vegas and haven't had the same number of honey bees. Usually I have to temporarily move my Hummingbird feeders to the back of the house because the bees swarm them. I'm hoping they're just late this year.

  111. I’m north of Worcester too, and just started seeing a few bumblebees this week. I feel like every year I think the insect apocalypse is upon us and then they show up? But this year still seems sparse. I keep meaning to keep a garden diary so I know when everyone joins the party. Edit: this was a reply to a comment - no idea why it is here, will repost!!

  112. In California : masses of bees on my non-native plants (lavender bushes and scaveola) but on native plants? None. I hope there are simply some more delicious targets near you that they are flocking to.

  113. The bees came en masse this year as soon as the sunflowers bloomed. We had plenty of other attractant plants, but nope, they came for the sunflower action. It's like someone flipped a switch.

  114. I’m in Ohio. I always find the bees don’t seem to show up en masse until later in the summer here.

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