1. Depends what you are after. For casual gaming consoles are enough. PC packs more power and you can have better visuals in games but that’s not as plug and play experience. Consoles it’s easier and cheaper to just play games. PC can be used for other things but if you just want to play some games on TV consoles are fine.

  2. PC has an edge up on everything except for price and exclusives. You can customize more, it's faster, it looks better, it allows for multiple screens, etc.

  3. Even with exclusives it depends on what you mean. PC practically has entire genres exclusive to it, there are a ton of games that are only available on PC, but if you mean AAA blockbuster titles you'd be right.

  4. You can do whatever you want with a PC. If you want to play the new CoD with a controller on your TV, you can do that. The only reason to buy consoles are for the exclusives, and that's not better or worse gaming, that's just economics.

  5. Too much faffing about with PC. I played for years on PC. 500+ Steam game library. Sold my 3080 and bought a SX. This gen is finally powerful enough for 4K/60 on tv with HDR. Looks great, just works. No messing around. Works for me.

  6. Both have their pros and cons, neither is "better" part and parcel. It depends on what you use them for. And what you want them to do.

  7. It really depends on the game for me, some games I prefer on PS5,some I prefer on PC, some I prefer on switch, shit some I even prefer on XBSS

  8. It depends on a great many things. For example, If your PC cost £200 you’d be better off with a console. But if your PC cost £3,000 then you’d be forgiven for mistaking PS5 games for PS2 games.

  9. Pc is always better at everything imo. Games run and look better, more options, supports keyboard/mouse and all controllers, bigger selection of games, multitasking etc.

  10. I think PC is better overall simply because you only rarely have to worry about backward compatibility. Your entire library is available to you, and with the advent of affordable handheld PCs like the Steam Deck, your library is also portable.

  11. I switched from console to PC and like PC gaming way better. Couple major perks imo don't need a subscription to play games online (as always I'm sure exclusions apply) and your game library lasts longer. How many times have console players had to rebuy a game because the old system version doesn't work anymore. Or like next gen you can't bring your whole library over. PC doesn't have that. Your library is your library and your games are your games. Those things alone made it no comparison imo.

  12. with pc, you have to be tech savvy and willing to learn as some game will have issues, being able to emulate abandonware, VM old game, productivity, hell 2 monitor set up. 1 for gaming and 1 for what ever movie . tho, it's a very2 good life skill to be learned tbh. (sadly barrier of entry for a very good gaming pc right now is over the roof)

  13. since budget is not mentioned, its the same question as "is driving in a VW golf better or in a mercedes S-class amg?"

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